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Chinese Ink Paintings (Xieyi)


There are many different Chinese ink paintings, usually we can see Chinese Ink and Wash Painting, Chinese Dry Ink Painting, Chinese Baimiao and so on. They all just use Chinese ink and water.

For example, according to the ink's dry or wet, there are dry ink painting and ink and wash painting; according to the free degree, there are Chinese ink paintings with Xieyi style or Gongbi style. 

Chinese ink painting started mainly in Tang Dynasty (618-907), from Mr. Wang Wei. Then it developed in Song Dynasty (960-1127) and flourished in Yuan Dynasty (1279 - 1368).... it is one of the main and most important painting styles of Chinese literati paintings.

Usually, when people talked the painting with poetry, calligraphy, painting and stamps, they were usually pointing the Chinese literati paintings...

Chinese Xieyi Ink Painting is the main painting form of Chinese literati paintings. 

These artists of Chinese literati paintings were usually great literatures, poets or thinkers. They were good educated, intelligent, and had creative minds and high art skills. With wide chests and rich thoughts, they set out to paint something with only water and ink, free and quick strokes, to stress the spirit of the objects and their own thoughts... So, since it was started until today, it has been enjoyed by Chinese intellectuals. 

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Shirley Yiping Zhang
Oct, 2019

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