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Paintings From Nature

The good education in China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Chinese National Academy of Arts has offered me a clear awareness that learn from the ancient artists, paint from the nature and creation is the basic and necessary process to learn Chinese painting.

In this academic year, CNAA offers us painting from the nature three times in the suburb of Beijing Oct, 2011, Taihang Mountains April, 2012 and in the Grand Canyon of Yellow River May, 2012.

Because of my health problem, instead of going to these great places, I went to the near places to catch a flower, a piece of grass and anything I felt interesting. The picture of mine in the right was taken Oct, 2011 in Beijing Botanical Garden when I was painting there.

During the process, I do have found that the beauty everywhere, as long as we have a couple of eyes that can find the beauty, then we can find the endless resource for our creating.

On the sketch tool, CAFA asked us to paint from the nature with Chinese brushes directly. CNAA asks us use a pen. Personally, I more enjoy sketching with a pen, to observe and to express the structure of things clearer and more meticulous ...

For me, to paint from the nature, not only a way to improve my painting skills, it is also the process to improve myself as a person. Via touching the sunshine, land and nature, to feel and understand life, to help me grow up as an artist who has a pure soul, honest, positive and optimistic personality, to do something more helpful and meaningful, to help more people with what I have learned and felt...   

With a grateful heart to my schools, today, I would like to open this column on my little web site and to share a part of my sketch with you and hope to hear your comments, bring you a big smile... :-)

If you have any suggestions, comments and questions, you are welcomed to write to . I will be happy to hear from you and to respond you.   

-- Shirley Zhang
April 28, 2012
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