I started to think of creating my own web site from April, 2004 and I really made it to work in September in the same year.

At that time, what I wanted to do was just to have a place to save my own art, photography works and something that I had written about China and my own traveling diary... Along with the time, I started to get some respondings and qustions. The questions and comments made me think to set up some new columns of Chinese language to help the firends who wanted to learn Chinese language. As an English language learner, I do feel that listening ability is the most difficult part for me. So, I guess it is the same to the friends who are learning Chinese. That is why, except offering the recorder for every Chinese languages topic, I also started my music column. I wished to make the music column not only is a part of Chinese cultures, meanwhile, to serve the language column at the same time. So, in May Day holiday, 2005, I fixed the two columns and I have been keeping updating them until now..

Along with the time, I got more and more respondings and I started to worry that I could not answer all of the letters in time for I have to work in the company in my business time, and to work on the web site and my art, music, photography work in my free time. However, I did not want to lose one friend. That is why, I thought of writing a newsletter weekly to keep touching to all of the friends... So, on August 30, 2005, I wrote and sent out of my first newsletter. Until now, I have kept on the work for about 11 months and 44 weeks…

Now, I am thinking that maybe it is the time to open a new column of newsletter. One side, to offer you a new angle to search this web site according to the time order; that other side, to add some new content for the web site and something about China and Chinese culture via my weekly work.

I do hope you enjoy my new exploring and effort on this column and my web site. I am looking forward to hear your responding about it. :- )

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to and you are welcomed to publish your opinions in Forum For Friends. You are welcomed. :-)   

July 5, 2006

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