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Shirley in Australia

Because my only child went to Australia for his high school study, scholar and master education since 2002, and then became an Australian citizen. Australia has been a place which I much care about. 

Since 2008, I have been to Australia 5 times and have a very good impression of it. 

I feel Australian people very enthusiasm, sincere with a gentle nature, and it is a comfortable thing to communicate with them.  

I enjoy their wonderful nature environment and the harmonious style between nature and human beings. Very often, you can see some birds around of your feet when you walk into a shop and sometimes, some seabirds would eat with you on same table by the Ocean... Oh now, when I am writing this note here in the US, I cannot help smiling because I have thought of the squirrels by the road and on the campus as well. 

I appreciate Australia also because its good education has cultivated my son to be a gentle man from a young boy -- when I got my first master degree in America, he got his bachelor degree and when I worked for getting my second master degree in Beijing, and he got his master degree... 

Now I am still working on my Cross-cultural and Comprehensive Art dream, I do hope someday, I can extend what I am doing in the US to Australia... 

How about you? Have you been to Australia? What is your impression of it? 


Shirley Yiping Zhang

Dec 28, 2019 Written it in the US.

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