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I love art, music and language. I dreamed to learn them in an art college or a conservatory of music or a foreign language school from my childhood. 

The Culture Revolution in China deprived my opportunity in my  adolescent years. Fortunately, as soon as the tragedy times was finished, I entered into university to learn Chinese language and literature and when basically completed my first career, I was given an opportunity to study in the USA and got my first master degree; then, after coming back China, based on 8 years' art study in my free time and childhood's art learning and practice, I was lucky enough to able to go into the best Academy of Fine Arts in China -- China Central Academy of Fine Arts to study Chinese painting for 1 year, and then continued the study in the highest art research organization -- Chinese National Academy of Arts  for another 9 years.  

Now I am a candidate for my second  master degree: Master of Fine Arts of Chinese National Academy of Arts. Meanwhile, I have learned vocal music for 9 years in my free time and have been keeping studying English always... 

My current dream is to combine painting, music and poetry together, to create my own cross-cultural and comprehensive art -- "Poetry, Painting, Music: Comprehensive and Artistic Chinese (language)" while working on   "Traditional Chinese Painting" two fields, try to create a epecial art form in fine art field by studying,  creating, teaching and researching, to help non-Chinese speakers to learn Chinese Painting and Chinese language naturally, easily and artistically.

Therefore, since 2008, I have taught in 39 American schools and 2 Chinese schools (universities, colleges, K-12 schools) and art organizations, right now, I have become a Guest Chinese Art Teacher of 4 K-12 schools in the USA for more than 430 hours for free. Teaching has been a regular volunteer jobs yearly...

With the same idea, I have donated my income from my 6 art exhibitions to help the local people to learn Chinese arts as well.

In 2013 and 2018, by the good help of Jinan University Publishing House and about 10 famous Chinese art and music professors, I have published two series publications with 2 books, 2 DVDs and two little webs sites with poetry, music and paintings... 

As a lucky student and teacher, I do appreciate all of you for your good help, direction and support on my dream seeking road.

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, you are welcome to write to, you are also welcome to publish your opinions on Message Board . :-)   

--Shirley Yiping Zhang
Oct, 2019

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