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Chinese Baimiao Painting

Chinese Baimiao is a line drawing in traditional ink and brush style. Therefore, it is called a linear art.

Chinese Baimiao is painted with lines by Chinese ink. It is simple, summarized, clear and without Color. Every line should be seen clear, even though a piece of hair must be expressed clearly.   

There are at least 18 kinds of lines to be used in Chinese Baimiao.   

During we paint a Baimiao, the most important is that we must be responsible to every line and write it out as similar as we write Chinese calligraphy. Every line must go through the process of beginning, going on and stopping, just as we write every stroke in Chinese calligraphy.      

Baimiao is one of the steps of Chinese Gongbi painting. If we color it, it will become a Chinese Gongbi; otherwise, it can also be an independent art style.   

Because line is the bone of the Chinese painting, every student who learns Chinese painting must learn Baimiao.

Now I would like to show you some of my Baimiao assignments in Chinese National Academy of Arts, China central Academy of Arts, and some new Baimiao works after I was rewarded a MFA (Master degree in Fine Art) with you. 

I do hope to bring you some impression on Chinese Baimiao.

Sincerely, thank you.   

-- Shirley

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