So Much Luck! -- Shirley's 489th Friendly Greeting - July 8, 2015

Hi,Dear Friends

How are you? Are you enjoying your new week?

In the past 9 days, except painting 19 pictures ( 4 formal paintings and 15 daily practices), I have met so many lucky things.

First of all, Mr. Yang Guangyin -- the former monitor of my class in China Central Academy of Fine Arts came to see me and we went to visit Mr. Li Gang -- our Class Adviser in CAFA, Sept, 2010 to July, 2011.

We did find many changes in the school. One of Mr. Li Gang's art works was elected into the 11st National Art Exhibition; three of our young instructors have been promoted to associate professors; three heads of the departments who had taught us face to face have become associate deans of Chinese Painting School and one of the associate deans who had also taught us is the dean now...

Mr. Li Gang was happy to see us and he gave me a piece of old Chinese ink sticks with a beautiful profile that was made in Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911).

The pity was we had forgotten to take a photo for the tight schedule.

Secondly, Professor Man Weiqi -- the Deputy Dean of Chinese Painting School at Chinese National Academy of Arts came to my classroom when he came to the Office of Teaching Department July 6. Except he checked my recent work and gave me some specific directions, he suggested me taking part in the advanced course in the new Chinese Traditional Painting Academy which was founded and led by him for preparing to take part in the upcoming national art exhibitions...

As far as my future work direction, Professor Man thought I should keep working on Chinese Xiyi Painting, instead of Chinese Mogu Painting while he recommended me to the studio of a famous Chinese Flower and Bird Painting Professor...

Aim at my upcoming International travel, he has allowed me to come back Beijing according to my own convenience. He knew clear about my cross-cultural and comprehensive art dream but he did not think I should “ waste ” time on something no much hope. For helping people know what I am doing better, he required me to print an album.

As a common student, I feel lucky enough and I do appreciate Professor Man Weiqi and the school for their good education and directions in the past 4 years.

With a grateful heart, I will think of Professor Man’s directions seriously and I will perhaps adjust my original travel plan and I will maybe come back China ahead according to the situation in the USA.

Thirdly, I myself did not think when I went into a cultural company near the school to ask how to print an album, a gentleman answered my questions and he promised to print it for me with the lowest price and the fastest speed within 5 to 7 days after I send data to them. I was so surprised for his answer. Then I just found that he is in fact a vice deputy editor in chief of an art magazine – Mr. Qi Yanjie. 

Fourthly, by the good help of Mr. Lonnie Funk – the President of a real estate companies and Ms. Tamara Simpson – a Senior Community Director of the company, my accommodation in the USA has been arranged already. Mr. Zhu Bin -- one of my former classmates will pick up me at the airport.

Fifthly, because of the recommendation of Mrs. Wanda Nava – A retired American art teacher and my former work partner, by the good arrangement and help of Mrs. Glad Eyerman – an American Art Teacher, another three American schools will welcome me to visit them and to give some courses on Chinese poetry, music and painting to their students...

Sixthly, a little friend who is younger than my son but a graduate from an art school has become my good teacher. He has fixed a new photo software for me and he has started to teach me to use it...

Finally, now in Beijing, in the near area of my school, no matter at some stores, art galleries and restaurants, always there are so many warm Beijing people helping me with their sincerity. The price for a same painting frame I wanted few months ago has been given me a discount 50% at this time; a restaurant sends me lunch every day with a box of free soybean milk; often the bosses of stationery stores send me some paper, or brush or a tube of color... so that always I think what a lucky person I am! What I should do for the others and this world to return those so good people by giving my knowledge and skills to those people who need them and to help this world more beautiful.

With this idea, also I have done something to help my tutors and classmates in the past 9 days...

How about you? Do you have anything special to share?


Shirley's Art Works 1031 & Chinese Mogu 063-A346 - Shirley's 340th Assignment at Chinese National Academy of Arts-July 8, 2015
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Shirley Yiping Zhang
July 8, 2015 (Beijing Time)


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