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Learn Chinese Culture and Language by Enjoy Painting, Music and Poetry
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Shirley Created Music for Chinese Poems
Bilingual Chinese Songs
Shirley's Art Works-1340--Chinese Xieyi 780--My 622nd Assignments of CNAA & the 211st One of the Second Phase- April 6, 2018
Shirley's Art Works-1332-1333--Chinese Xieyi 776-777--My 614th-615th Assignments of CNAA & the 203rd-204th One of the Second Phase-March 15-20, 2018
Shirley's Art Works-1331--Chinese Xieyi 775--My 614th Assignment of CNAA & the 202nd One of the Second Phase-March 8, 2018
Shirley's Art Works-1330--Chinese Xieyi 774--My 609th Assignment of CNAA & the 200th One of the Second Phase-March 2-4, 2018
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Shirley Created Music, Painting, Translation & Article for Chinese Classical Poem 178:Jin Zhong Ba Xian-Li Bai-by Du Fu-Dec 19,2016   
Shirley Created Music, Painting, Translation & Article for Chinese Classical Poem 177:Zeng Wang Lun--Prensent the Poem to Wang Lun by Li Bai-Oct 15,2016   
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Shirley's Chinese Calligraphy 63: Xiao / Qin Zhuan-- Small Seal Script 13- The 4th Calligraphy I have done   in the USA
Shirley's Chinese Calligraphy 62: Xiao / Qin Zhuan-- Small Seal Script 12- My 3rd Calligraphy I have done   in the USA
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Shirley Created Music
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Shirley's Music 352-Bilingual-060 & Chinese Art Song 42: The Little Road in My Hometown" Shirley Sang It in Chinese & English June Oct 11,2017
Chinese Classical Poem 162 & Shirley Created Music & Singings 162 for: Qi Bu Shi by Cao Zhi in the Three Kingdoms (220-265)£©-- Dec 29, 2013 in USA / Sep 22, 2005 in China
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About Together With Me, Learn Chinese Culture and Language by Enjoying and Practicing Painting, Music and Poetry (Volume 2) and Its Participants.
Chinese Custom--023: Custom of Chinese Spring Festival -- Feb 16, 2018

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