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02. Chinese in Daily Life and Current Affairs


As a native Chinese who majored in Chinese language and literature for 5 years and taught Chinese classical language and literature in a college for 9 years, I had read about 100,000 Chinese classical poems and several thousands Chinese classical and modern essays, novels. I could recite more than 1000 Chinese classical poems and essays and I needed not to see my teaching plan on the platform. :-) 

Anyway, I have not been teaching in the classroom since I came to Shenzhen and became an editor of magazine and newspaper, a  manager in the newspaper office, and network company and a multimedia company with TV, magazine, web sites, mobile phone and mini computer and so on... But, I have been working on my Chinese Learning Column via the little web site since 2005. I would like to develop my specialty, to help the others and to improve myself. I am happy that I have created a new room and opportunity to continue study something in my former professional field on a totally new and bigger International platform via Internet. A better thing is that I am working with bilingual English and Chinese. :-) 

So, after I thought, researched and explored how to improve this column for a long time, after I worked on this project for almost whole of my National Day Holidays for about 5 years, I would like to reform the column Learning Chinese with Shirley Together to be 3 parts: 

Part I:   Practical Chinese Language Learning

-- Reciting I: Chinese Classical Poems
            -- Reciting II : Chinese Vocabulary
            -- Speaking I :   Chinese in daily Life
            -- Speaking II: Chinese in Current Affairs
            -- Listening: Chinese Modern Lyrics
            -- Applying: Chinese Vs. English

Part II: Essential Chinese Language Learning

--Chinese Pronunciation 
Chinese Characters 

            -- Chinese Grammar 

Part III: 
Chinese as An Compositive Art
In the first part, I would like to help you to learn Chinese via reading and reciting Chinese poems, speaking daily Chinese, listening to the modern Chinese lyrics; to touch, to feel and to learn practical Chinese, to learn Chinese language via learning Chinese culture. 

Via the experiencing to learn English, I know that the most difficult part for you is listening. Since 2005, I have created, played 85 pieces of music to match Chinese classical poems and I have sung them since Chinese classical poems could be sung thousand years ago, but for the time is too long and the music has been lost. Meanwhile, I have also sung more than 100 modern Chinese songs, translated their lyrics and offered their pronunciation with Chinese pingyin. Since 2007, I started to sing the Chinese classical poems and Chinese modern lyrics in both of Chinese and English. 

What I wish is to help you to understand the meaning of the poems, texts and the lyrics. The emphasis is to improve your listening level, aural comprehension and oral Chinese... :-)
In second part, I would like to help you to improve your Chinese pronunciation via Chinese pinyin learning, Chinese Characters writing, Vocabulary remembering and Chinese Grammar. :-) 

In the third part, I have combined the Chinese poems and I myself created paintings, calligraphies, and music together. I would like to created a unique style that with my own knowledge copy right inside, to help you to learn Chinese language during the process of enjoying Chinese traditional cultures. I started the exploring and on this style and I hope it will be helpful to you to learn Chinese.    

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to are welcome to publish your opinions in Forum as well. 

Shirley Yiping Zhang
Sun, Feb 15, 2009

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