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Chinese in Current Affairs -0038(Sentences:216 - 218): How to Say "Nuclear Crisise" in Chinese --March 27, 2011 2011-03-26
Chinese in Current Affairs -0037(Sentences:213 - 215): How to Say "Nuclear Power & Nuclear Catastrophe" in Chinese --March 20, 2011 2011-03-20
Chinese in Current Affairs -0036(Sentences:210 - 212): How to Say "Earthquake" & "Tsunami" in Chinese --March 13, 2011 2011-03-13
Chinese in Current Affairs -0033(Sentences:201 - 203): How to Say "The Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2008 Opened" 2008-04-12
Chinese in Current Affairs -0031(Sentences:198 - 200): How to Say "The Flame for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is lit" 2008-03-31
Chinese in Current Affairs-0030 (Sentences:195 - 197): How to say something about "The Smiles from Children of the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games" 2008-03-16
Chinese in Current Affairs --0029 (Sentences:192 - 194): How to say " Shenzhen's Per Capita GDP Exceeds US$10,000" 2008-03-09
Chinese in Current Affairs-0028 (Sentences:186 - 188): How to Say "China - US Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) Declared a Success" 2007-12-15
Chinese in Current Affairs-0027(Sentences:183 - 185): How to Say "China to Tighten Monetary Policy in 2008: 2007-12-06
Chinese in Current Affairs-0026(Sentences:180 - 182): How to Say "In a First, PLA Ship Docks at Japan Port" 2007-11-30
Chinese in Current Affairs-0025(Sentences:175 - 177): How to Say "Turkeys Spread Wings in China" 2007-11-25
Chinese in Current Affairs-0024(Sentence:168--170): How to Say "Government Encourages Foreign Companies to Move to West China" 2006-10-31
Chinese in Current Affairs --0023(Sentence: 162--164): How to Say "Number of Chinese Broadband Subscribers Reaches 77 Million" 2006-09-22
Chinese in Current Affairs-0022( Sentence: 159--161): How to Say "China Launches Telecom Satellite" 2006-09-13
Chinese in Current Affairs --0021( Sentence:156--158): How to Say "China: The World's Largest Shoe Producer" 2006-09-05
Chinese in Current Affairs-0020(Sentence: 153--155): How to Say "Half of all Mobile Phones Made in China in 2006" 2006-09-01
Chinese in Current Affairs-0019(Sentence"150--152): How to Say "Who Will Support China's Economy in 50 Years?" 2006-08-24
Chinese in Current Affairs-0018(Sentence: 147--149): How to Say "The 2006 World Basketball Championship Opened in Japan" 2006-08-19
Chinese in Current Affairs -- 0017(Sentence:144--146):China encourages more foreign investment in high-tech sector 2006-08-10
Chinese in Current Affairs-0016(Sentence: 138--140): How to Say "Microsoft Enters Health-care Industy; Google,Yahoo Offer New Services for Mobile Phones " 2006-07-30
Chinese in Current Affairs-0015(Sentence:134--137): How to Say "China's Netizen Population & Broadband User Number" 2006-07-22
Chinese in Current Affairs --0014(Sentence:036-038):How to Say "Fed Lifts Rate -OPEC Maintains Output -China Cuts Import Tariffs" 2005-12-14
Chinese in Current Affairs--0012(Sentenc: 033-035): How to Say "Foreign Bank In China -- Airbus -- N.Y.C.Snow" 2005-12-09
Chinese in Current Affairs--0011(Sentence:030-032):"How to say "ECB Rises Rate -- China Textiles In EU -- Tibetan Language Mobile Phone" 2005-12-01
Chinese in Current Affairs 0010: How to Say "Second Trade Country -- US President Rode Bicycle In Beijing -- Emmy Rewards" 2005-11-22
Chinese in Current Affairs--009: How to Say "Inflation Target-- Crude-Oil Prices -- China's Oscar" 2005-11-20
Chinese in Current Affairs - 008:How to Say "ECB Banchmark Rate -- Textile Trade -- Birds Flu" 2005-11-10
Chinese in Current Affairs -- 007: How to Say " Fed Benchmark Rate -- Fight Birds Flu -- Lunar Exploration" 2005-11-04
Chinese in Current Affairs - 006: How to Day "Fed Chairman --Birds Flu -- Trade Partners" 2005-10-29
Chinese in Current Affairs--005: How to Say "Spacecraft -- Energy Price -- Hurricane" 2005-10-22
Chinese in Current Affairs--004: How to Say "China Launches 2nd Manned Spacecraft" 2005-10-12
Chinese in Current Affairs--003: How to Say "South Asia Earthquake" in Chinese 2005-10-11
Chinese in Current Affairs --002: How to Say" The Festival Of China in The U.S." in Chinese 2005-10-04
Chinese in Current Affairs 001: How to Say "Hurricane in the U.S." in Chinese 2005-09-25