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Chinese in Arts -002(Sentences:222 - 224): How to Say Something about "Archaeology" in Chinese --May 8, 2011

Listen to the Text & Follow Shirley to Read the Sentences & Chinese Characters

FOREWORD: After I came back from Shangdong Province, I bought 10 books on Chinese art history and painting theory. During I read them, I did find that much knowledge and theory of Chinese art is from the archaeology.

Therefore, I started to be concern with the information of the archaeology and one week ago, I edited something about the last archaeological discovery for you , but for the sickness, I could not complete the recording work.

This weekend, I have completed it for you and I do hope that my effort will be some help with you to learn Chinese language and culture.:-)   


Please hit any Chinese Character, to open the New Vocabulary Board, to see all of the Chinese Characters' Pronunciations, Meanings in the sentences and follow me to read them one by one..


No.0222:最近安徽省 两个大型古墓穴,考古学家认 为 两个属于战国时期楚国
  -- Two large - scaled ancient tombs were recently discovered in Anhui Province, archaeologists estimate that the two tombs belong to the Kingdom Chu of the Warring States Period。

No.0223: --其中 较 小 墓穴中,发 1100多 件 青铜 容器、陶器瓷器
      -- More than 1100 bronze vessels, ceramic worship objects (keramics), and porcelain have been discovered in the smaller tomb.

No.0224: -- 他们同时发掘出直径27厘米精美铜镜,背面六个象形文字""错综复杂 图 案,迄今为止发现的最大最多文字铜镜。
      -- They also excavated an exquisite bronze mirror. With the diameter of 27 centimeters, the mirror's back was inscribed with six hieroglyphic characters of "mountain" and intricate patterns. This mirror is the biggest and with most characters even found.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to, or

--Shirley Zhang

Written, Edited April on 28 and Recorded on May 8, 2011.

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