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Chinese in Current Affairs -0038(Sentences:216 - 218): How to Say "Nuclear Crisise" in Chinese --March 27, 2011

Listen to the Text & Follow Shirley to Read the Sentences & the Chinese Characters

FOREWORD: Along with the time, except paying attention to the situation of the Libya War, more and more Chinese people are concerned about the nuclear crisis in Japan.

I guess that you are doing the similar things on your side. Therefore, I would like to continue to show you how to say something about Nuclear Crisis and hope it is some help with you to learn Chinese language.


Please hit any Chinese Character, to open the New Vocabulary Board, to see all of the Chinese Characters' Pronunciations, Meanings in the sentences and follow me to read them one by one..


No.0216: -- 日本警察厅宣布截至当地时间星期六上午十点灾难性的地震接踵而来海啸已经造成10,151(一万零一百五十一)死亡,17,053(一万七千一百五十三)失踪
      -- The National Police Agency said on Saturday that the catastrophic earthquake and ensuing tsunami have left 10,151people dead and 17,053others unaccounted for in Japan by 10:00 a.m. local time (0100 GMT).

No.0217: -- 日本首相表示,福岛核电站的危机远未得到解决。
      -- Japan's Prime Minister said the situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant is "nowhere near the point" of being resolved.

No.0218 -- 日本官方谨劝海啸区内的居民自愿疏散到生活设施与日用品供应较好的地区。   
      -- Japanese officials have cautioned that residents may want to voluntarily move to areas with better facilities since supplies in the tsunami - devastated region are running short.   

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--Shirley Zhang

Written, Edited and Recorded On March 26, 2011.


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