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Shirley in USA

I often think it's God's arrangement --  very accidentally, I came to Missouri State University, USA to learn business administration by the repeatedly recommending and advising of the international training center of Shenzhen Personnel Bureau in 2008.Therefore, during the study, I didn't think of staying in the US or coming back here after finishing my study, even, I applied to go back China in the 3rd month after studying in the US, because my dreamed of working on art and worried about  the study in the US would "delay" my dream seeking... :- ) 

However, I had never thought that my long-term art dream was true while I got my master degree in the USA.  

Sept 4 - 27, 2009, my first art exhibition was held in Creamery Art Center of Springfield, MO, which was sponsored by Springfield Art Council and Chamber of Commerce of Springfield. During the art exhibition, from the responses of my audience to my singing and painting, I had  a hazy feeling that if I could create a new art which combines painting, music and poem together, might be a good way work in cross-cultural communication? 

Then in May, 2010, with another accidental opportunity, my second art exhibition was held in PSU Student Union of Missouri State University, this art exhibition gave me a chance to see an American doctor (my eyes were diagnose hopeless by 4 hospital of Shenzhen) and what the university did touch me so much that I decided to do something to return the school and the local people... but I didn't think that my limited knowledge and skills on Chinese arts can support my dream. Therefore, I walked into the best art school of China - China Central Academy of Fine Arts to learn Chinese Painting in the same year. 

In Sept, 2011,I took part in the World Language Conference in Kentucky and met 58 American Chinese teachers there.  First time, my art lessons walked out of the art classroom and entered into the field of Chinese as the second language. Once more, I felt I might be able to do something by combining poems, painting, music and multiple arts...  However, at that time, I could only talk about these simple ideas as an amateur but not find more theory evidences. Therefore, as soon as finished the study in China Central Academy of Arts, I became a student of “the Graduate Course of Chinese Painting” of Chinese National Academy of Arts in the same year, and I stayed there for 4 years.

In May, 2013, my 3rd art exhibition was held in Eastern Kentucky Exposition Center in Sponsored by City Government of Pikeville and the Eastern Kentucky Exposition. During the time, learned from my professors in Beijing, first time, I tried to become a bridge of ancient master and my students, except some modern arts, I tried to teach my students to learn both of Tang Poems and Song Dynasty, which are the highest achievement of literature and arts in Chinese history. And in Sept, same year, first time, my lessons were arranged for 1 week at Seymour R-II School, MO.

In Feb, 2014, my 4rd art exhibition was held in Ozark Technical Community College, and both of their humanity department and I started to design a new course names “Chinese World Humanities” and prepared to open it in the school some day in the future.

In Sept, 2015, my 5th art exhibition was held at Brentwood Branch Library, Springfield, MO ; in the same year, my lessons started at 3 K-12schools were increased until 3 weeks once.  

In Feb, 2016, my 6th art exhibition was held at Ozark Technical Community College  and we planed to open my course in their school, and they completed the training to me... At the same year, I passed the qualification examination of the country in China and became a candidate for my MFA of Chinese National Academy of Arts. Until that year,  I thought I had found the connection between traditional Chinese and modern Chinese language and also the relationship of  a variety of arts, I would really to do a further research in the highest art research organization of China.

Unfortunately, this kind of interdisciplinary research wasn't allowed to do in the school since I wanted to get a  Master degree of Fine Arts. Therefore, I tried to write my idea into the second book of my last series publication: " Poetry, Painting, Music: Artistic and Comprehensive Art -- Together with Me, Learn Chinese Culture and Language by Enjoying and Practicing Painting, Music and Poetry" and then it was published by Jinan University Press in March, 2018. 

In May to June, 2018 my comprehensive art lessons were kept for 3 weeks still in the 3 K-12schools and first time, in my 15 hours’ workshops, I became the bridge between the nature and my students – we went out of the classroom and to paint from the nature…

In Nov, 2019 to Feb, 2020, I have taught in the previous 3 K-12 schools and will teach at the 4th K- 12 school with the title of their Guest Chinese Art Teacher.  

Since 2008,have had traveled 10 times in the US, had 6 art exhibitions, taught about 500 hours in 40 American schools and art organizations... during these travels, I had also painted over 120 paintings, written more than 160 travel diaries... and completed my second book's edition jobs... I do appreciate the local American people ( my students, professors, tutors, teachers, work partners and friends), schools, art and business organizations and my university for their good help, directions and supports with a open mind and wider chest, have given me a free and vast room to develop my idea, thoughts and work… I can say without any exaggeration, without my American University and American people, there is no my today and my Cross-cultural and comprehensive art... 

So, now, during my little web site updating, I would like to order what I have done here and hope to get your good comments and directions.


Shirley Yiping Zhan

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