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I am lucky enough to be an Exexecutive-MBA student in the US.

It has not only helped me to improve myself in my professional field, but also, I have had some unexpected gain in my art of painting, music and language learning field.

Sponsored by Springfield Regional Arts Council and Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce , my first art exhibition was opened in the Creamery Arts Center 411 N. Sherman Parkway, Springfield, Missouri, USASep 4, 2009 and will be ended   Sep 28, 2009.

During the art exhibition, by the considerate arrangement and recommendation of the local Art Council and support and help from the local American Chinese, I have been invited by 2 elementary schools, 4 high/middle schools, 2 universities and 4 painting workshops, to offer more than 10 demonstrations and some Chinese painting lessons...

All of these social actives and practices in the US are helping me to go into the local American people and to touch the local cultures directly. Within those social practice activities, I have seen so many excellent parts in the local educational system, I have learned so much from the local educators, students and managers... I have also felt how the local American people friendly, warmly qualities and how they are interested in Chinese culture and art... Very often, a group and a group of family members come to learn Chinese painting together, very often, I were around by the kind, cute and lovely children... they have really made me feel the huge charm of Chinese culture and see the great value of art of painting, music and language as the best bridge of friendship, cross culture communication or exchange...

For showing you a part of American cultures while to recall, remember and summary a part of my experiences in the US, I have built this special column, includes three parts below:

Art Exhibition


Painting Workshop

As a learner of art of painting, music and language, I know I have only gone out the first step on the long time learning road, I am dreaming to build a beautiful cross culture exchange bridge between American / Western and Chinese people via our effort together, I do hope to get your understanding, support and help...

If you have any suggestions, comments and questions, you are welcomed to write to . I will be happy to hear from you.

-- Shirley Zhang
Sun, Sep 20, 2009

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