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Upgrade-- Shirley's America Travel Diary 110 & 501st Friendly Greeting - Nov 1, 2015

How are you? Are you enjoying your weekend?

It is a sunny day in Springfield, MO, USA. Just handed in my 3 rd assignment in a training, I would like to have a shortly relaxed time and write a regularly letter to you.

This is a clam week on my side, except for attending English lesson for 16 hours, gave lesson at the park central library for 2 hours, mainly I took part in the training at OTC.

The best news of this week was: I got 84 in the English examination on Tuesday, Oct 26 and be informed to continue my study in the Advanced English Class from my current High Intermediate Class since next Monday, Nov 2, 2015.

In my heart is full of the appreciation to my teacher Mrs. Vicki (she is on the first, second and third photo) and Mrs. Belinda. Just for their good teaching and help, just in the short 38 days, the results of my English examinations from 50 (Sept 19) was raised to 84 (Oct 27). With a happy and grateful heart, I will become a new student of Mrs. Fran (she is on the 4th and 5th photos with a red headcloth on her head ) since next Monday.

A hard but very attractive thing of this week was: Since Monday, Oct 26, I have participated in a training to learn how to teach as an instructor online at OTC. In the last several days, I have handed in 3 assignments: Make an introduction on Wednesday; created a syllabus on Friday; and did a reflection on the Seven Principles for Good Instructional Practice on Sunday.

I am quite busy but worked hard with much delight. Because my feeling was just like I have come back to the times as a true student. Every day, I can learn something new and improve myself step by step.

Something most attracted me was: I am touching and learning something according to American Educational rules and regulations. And touching and learning something most advanced in the world in the Internet times. It is full of the fresh sense and helpful theory and practical.

To participate in the training, is just the process to re-think, order and improve my past practice on my little cross-cultural and comprehensive art project. It is really the best process to prepare to carry my Poetry, Painting, Music – Comprehensive and Artistic Chinese (Together With Me, Learn Chinese Culture and Language by Enjoying Painting, Music and Poetry ) from the practice in the classroom of K-12 School into the classroom of college online and offline; how to improve the quality and methods on the textbook creating, edition and utilization; how to teach with the most efficient style... It is a quite helpful and an applied process...

I do feel luck enough for I am one of the students of the training. With so much appreciation to OTC, Department Chair Kat Allie of Humanities and Manager of Fine Art Gallery, Director Sherry A. Phelan of Online Instructional Design and Faculty Development, Coordinator Mindy M. Gomez of Online Instructional Design and Development, and eLearning Systems Specialist Jacque Harris. I would really like to work harder and try to be an excellent student...

The interesting thing was, many students and instructors made up carried food before they came into the classroom for Halloween Lunch / Party that would be held in respective classroom at about 11:30am , Thursday, Oct 29. Most of the content in our English lessons was something about Ghost. :- )

How about you? Do you have anything special to share?

Shirley Yiping Zhang
Nov 1, 2015 (American Local Time)

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