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Starting a Touched Travel... -- Shirley's 148th Friendly Greeting From Hong Kong -- Fri, July 25th,2008

How are you? Is every thing ok with you? I do hope that you are well and will have an easy and relaxed weekend.

Now, it is the night of August 25, 2008. I am writing in the Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong.

I was lucky for I got my visa to see my son in Australia on 23rd, while I got my ticket to start my traveling August 25.

Unfortunately, I was too busy to affirm my airplane before I left Shenzhen for Hong Kong, so that when I checked in, I just knew that my flight had been delayed on August 26. So, the Australia's Qantas Airways & Hong Kong International Airport have arranged for me and the other passengers to live here. I was offered a good room and offered the Internet connecting.

Even though the traveling is not smoothly as my plan, I am in a peaceful heart and emotion for they has tried to do their best to make up our lost. Maybe the bad thing is also a good thing for I am really tired and need a rest.

Last night, after treating a young and great girl finance analyzer and also our work partners from Beijing to have a dinner and sent her and her colleague to go back to the hotel, I thought that I would have time enough to prepare my traveling next day. However, two guests from Xinhua News Agency from Beijing called me and wanted to see me and our company. So, after the working lunch and visiting our company, I just came back home before my deadline for 30 minutes. I did have no time to make a telephone to call the airport at the first.

Anyway, when I am writing in the comfortable hotel room, there is really much touching in my heart.

First of all, my son has looked for and seen some hotels by himself and he has ordered a better one for me. In fact, I wanted to live in his dormitory or a cheaper hotel near him, to cook something he is favorite for and to save some money to give him. But, he said that he can cook by himself, he wants me to live better and he has paid the deposit already. I can not help thinking of the first time he came back China in 2003, he asked me that “Mother, could I live with you in the same room?” but now, he has grown up as a responsible young man indeed. For protecting a young boy's heart, with a big smile, I told him that I would be happy to pay for his generosity.

Yesterday, the spectacle shop, where I had ordered my new glasses, they informed me to take my new glasses back. I was so surprised and touched. According their promises on July 8, I should get my glasses in 1 month because it had to be customized in Germany for its 5 foundations at the same time: to rectify myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia and to change its colors in the different lights, to be sunglasses in the sunshine. After knowing that I had headache problem from the glasses and I would start a travel August 25, they did their best for me. When I felt that everything was so clear suddenly, I did feel warm in my heart...

This afternoon, when my guests from Xinhua News Agency knew that I was dropped from my broken chair last night, so that I was inconvenient to walk for a long road with the baggage, they decided to send me to Hong Kong. Even though I let them send me until the customs between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, my eyes were wet at that moment to hear that their decision...

Once more, I feel so much warming and friendship in the world; once more, I realize that all of us are the social people. At the same time that we are enjoying the help from the others, we should do our best to help the others. If everyone has offered a little love to the others, whole of the world would become a more beautiful family…

Do you think so?
I am just a learner on that art of painting, music English and Chinese language, to work on the web site in my free time. I would really like to do a little bit things with what I have learned to make this little web site to be an Electronic Bridge of Culture Exchange, Language Learning & Friendship. To help the others while to improve myself.

I appreciate your understanding, directions and supports. I do hope to get your friendly help...

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to or, or to publish your opinions in the forum.

Shirley Yiping Zhang
Sun, July 25,2008

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