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A Special Day -Shirley's US Travel Diary -063 & 253rd Friendly Greeting, May 9, 2010

<img src=" |right]</a> How are you? Are you enjoying your new weekend? <br><br>This Thursday, May 6,2010 is a special day for me. <br><br>Sponsored by the Student Union and operated by the Art Gallery of Missouri State University, <a data-cke-saved-href= href= target=_blank><b><font color=brown>my art exhibition started in the new Art Gallery of Plaster Student Union</b></font></a>. My wish to return the university’s good education, direction and help via showing something beautiful and be created by myself has been true. <br><br>As a common alumna of the university, my heart is full of the appreciation to her. Because, here, in Missouri State University, Springfield, USA, I have not only gotten my Master degree of Business Administration, but also, my long-term art dream has been true. <br><br>If saying that the studying in the College of Business Administration of Missouri State University, has taught me how to be a better manager, helped me to fill many blanks in my knowledge structure, gave me a confidence with myself on some subject that I had been scaring for a long time; Then, right now, when I come back to the campus again, the biggest feeling is that the university has offered me the best condition to help me to develop my the other potential abilities, with her wide chest and the best work of her professors and clerks. <br><br>May 6, when I went in the bright, beautiful and peaceful art gallery, to work in the soft background music, my heart was full of the warmth. As a foreign student who just came back from far away China, my first feeling was that I have come back “home” again.<br><br>In fact, I had the warm feeling since the first day I came back the campus April 30, after <img data-cke-saved-src=" http:="""" new="" uploads="" m338_7.jpg"="" align="right" border="0">the workshops and the art exhibition in OTC April 29, then to type a poster for taking part in the Artfest by Springfield District Arts Council May 1 and May 2 in my International Finance Professor - Dr.Edward Chang’s office.

It was raining that day. Dr. Edward Chang’s daughter would like to take part in the swimming game in the university. As a father, Dr. Change certainly wanted to be there to support his daughter. However, for helping me to prepare the work in Artfest, he drove me to visit the leaders of the Springfield District Arts Council in the morning, to check my writing in the noon, led me to meet the director of the Art Gallery of the university, drove me to go to the print company in the afternoon, so that he did not have time to eat his lunch until 5:30pm. After he sent me to go back to my host family’s house, his daughter has been in the swimming game. It was his wife and mother in law to accompany her...

Next day, at about 6:00pm, after working for whole of a day, the Director of Art Gallery of Missouri State University ? Ms. Lowe and Dr. Chang came to the Art Gallery of the Plaster Student Union to work on my art exhibition once more. As an art exhibition expert, Ms. Lowe checked and chose 18 paintings from my 50 works, put them by the walls, checked their content, colors, styles, sizes, then to adjust and account their distance and height. For making the hanging up work perfectly, Ms. Lowe climbed the ladder up or down once and once. Until 9:30pm., both of
Mr. Lowe and Dr. Chang hung all of the paintings on the walls.

Wednesday morning, it was also her to arrange people to fix the light. Except the original lamps, every painting is covered by the light from a special lamp, seems like so artistic… :-)

During Ms. Robin Lowe was working on the art itself, the Director of Plaster Student Union Dr. Thomas Lane, who is also the assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs not only came to the Art Gallery to care for the preparedness work, but also, he has helped Ms. Cathy Mcfall who is from his office to work in person, from moving the furniture until arranging the sofas...

Wednesday morning, when I went to into the Art Gallery at about 8:00am, a deep red carpet was spreaded on the floor already; sofas, tea tables and green plants were fixed over there, even, on my work table, a deep color oilcloth was covered on it. Whole of the art gallery was covered in a warm, peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

Soon, I met some students and professors...

A boy who was from the biology department Robert Trisler did not only have a good talking with me, but also, he asked me whether I needed to hang up the other paintings on the ceiling. If I wanted, he and his friends would come to help me.

A girl who was from anthropology department Sarar Hall asked me to explain every poem in the paintings, listened to me to sing all of them for her. Then, quickly, I got her message on my web site to ask when my demonstration would have and she would like to join in.

Since it is the final class week of the university, every one is busy on their studying or work, some professors came to the art gallery in their lunch time. One of them hoped me to paint a peacock for his wife.

At about 12:00am, the provost of the university, Dr. Belinda McCarthy and Dr. Bernie McCarthy came into the Art Gallery. Dr. Belinda McCarthy asked what I was majored in the university, listened to me to introduce the main forms of Chinese paintings ? Gongbi and Xieyi, the 4 main elements of the traditional Chinese painting and my own understanding on Chinese painting ? a portfolio of Poetry, calligraphy, painting, chops, plus music, vocal music, literature, language and cultural background. Also, they have heard me to sing a Chinese classical poem Qing Mingfor them… :- )

Except the art exhibition itself, what has moved me was happened out of the building on the day. Before 8:00am, I came to the Art Gallery, after a good talking with Ms. Cathy McFall, I sat down by my work desk and I wanted to work on my laptop, at this time, I just realized that I had forgotten my computer in the Taxi. Oh, my God, how could I make this kind mistake? With a terrible heart, I called the Yellow Cub Company. I was so lucky and so happy for they told me that the driver Mr. Ellen had sent my computer to the company and a girl will send it back to me.

When I got my computer by the big black bear out of the Plaster Student Union, my heart was full of the appreciation. I did feel that when I am living and working as a common alumna on my own little project, how many the other people are working and servicing for me. So, I could not really forget them, I should do my best to return them and the beautiful world.

In the evening of the first exhibition day, for reducing the burden of my host family via living nearer Plaster Student Union, I started to connect Ms. Leigh Anne Garren ? the Sales manager of the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center by the good help of Dr. Meinert ? the sociate Dean of College of Business Administration. She did so much work to help me, from the hotel’s information to the safety in the night time. Every thing is thoughtful and everything is considerate…

Then I accepted a good offer from a schoolmate ? Mr. Xiao Qiu, to stay into his house as his "temporary mother" ( Just a joke, since he is just 3 months elder than my son) on the Mother’s Day.

Even though right Now, I can only write this letter to you with quite fuzzy eyes -- with my experience to touch the computer for I cannot see the words clear on the screen... In my heart, there is so much the warmth and happiness. I would really like to cherish the special time and good luck in Missouri State University and trying to do something more and beautiful to return the university, professors, stuff and my schoolmates...

So, except making 4 free demonstrations in Missouri State University on May 10, May 12, May 18 and May 20 at 2:00pm to 4:00pm, instead of accepting the money offer from a local public school. I will go there to have 6 Chinese painting demonstration and workshops for the children there free. Also, I have accept the invitation to have some demonstrations for a group of adoptive children on the weekend, too.

Meanwhile, I am thinking and hope to get support from some organization or individuals to fund a Chinese Art and Culture Learning Fund for the local students and children via donating a part of my painting and music creations. I am also exploring the possibility to found a yearly Chinese Art Festival/Game of Painting, Music, Chinese Gongfu and Language somewhere, someway and sometime in the US...

How do you think of my idea? Do you think it is meaningful and possible? Are you interested in helping me or giving me some of your suggestion and advices?

Take care and thanks, have a good new day.


I am just a learner on art of painting, music and English, to work on the web site in my free time. I would really like to do a few things with what I have learned to make this little web site to be an Electronic Bridge of Culture Exchange, Chinese Language Learning & Friendship making. To help the others while to improve myself.

I would like to appreciate your understanding, directions, supports and hope to get your friendly direction and help.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to or, or to publish your opinions in the forum.

Shirley Yiping Zhang
Sun., May 9, 2010

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