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So Much Moved -Shirley's US Travel Diary -064 & 254th Friendly Greeting, May 16, 2010

<img src=" |right]</a> How are you? Are you enjoying your new weekend? <br><br><i>This is a letter that I worte Sunday night, I just send it to you tonight.</i><br><br>Today is the 18th day of my second time travel in the US. After the exhibition and workshops in Ozarks Technical Community College April 29, the Artsfest May 1 and 2 in Springfield, Sponsored by the Student Union and Art Gallery of Missouri State University, my art exhibition has been kept for 10 days. The demonstration and reception got a quite good result. <br><br>Thursday evening, at about 5:00pm, Dr. Tomath Lane - the director of Plaster Student Union, Dr. Robin Lowe - the director of the Art Gallery, Dr. Edward Chang ? the professor from College of Business Administration of Missouri State University came to the reception. Then, Ms. Tap Hitch, and some Chinese, American, Indian and African students came to the reception. At about 5:30pm, Mr. Brad Bodenhausen - the executive director of Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Leah Hamilton Jenkins - the executive director of Springfield Regional Arts Council, Ms. Stephanie Cramer and Mika Logan - the Education Coordinator and the Education Assistant of the Art council, Rita Needham - the Executive Director of the Southwest Area Manufacture Association came to the reception. Then at about 7:00pm, Mr. Joe Jenkins ? the president of Diesel Power, Inc and one of members of board of directors of OTC attended the reception, too… <br>It was raining and cold out of the building. My heart was full of the warm and moved feeling. My worrying about that I could not see clear the words on the big screen disappeared quickly along with the smiles, hugs, care for and encouragement from so many leaders, work partners and good friends. <br><br><img data-cke-saved-src=" http:="""" new="" uploads="" m340_4.jpg"="" align="right" border="0">I was moved by the good management and support by the Plaster Student Union and the Art gallery of Missouri State University.

-- Because of a little accidence Thursday morning, I could not come to the Art Gallery at the time that I wished. I was really worrying about the arrangement inside, However, when I went into the room at about 3:30pm, I was surprised with so much moved. The Art Gallery had changed so much, a big screen had been there already, a poster, a computer and two Mac phones had been fixed well there. The thing that most moved me was the wires on the floor had been covered by something rubber totally, to ensure that people would not be stumbled when they walk. Plus the flowers and the plants on table and in the corners, it really made me feel so much warmth and touched indeed…

What a good management of the university and her Plaster Student Union and the Art Gallery have! How many things behind the good management that is worth us to think, to learn and to bring back to China!

With a touched heart, on the same day, I received a letter and a massage from two members of the top management of the university.

One is an email from
Dr. Belinda McCarthy ? the Provost of Missouri State University. She wrote:

Ms. Zhang,

I will not be able to attend the reception, but my husband and I toured your exhibition last week. It is beautiful! I am so proud it have it on our campus.

Thank you for all you are doing for Missouri State.


The other is a message to be delivered by Mr. Robinette Stephen H ? the assistant provost the extended campus of Missouri State University. He rushed into the Art Gallery and told us that Dr. Jim Baker ? the vice-president for research and economic development of the University would come to the reception, but he could not for he was tied in an important meeting, then he rushed out of the Art Gallery at once. When I looked at his back in a hurry, I did feel that my heart was touched so much by the good work style of the top management of the university indeed...

I do feel that the university has not only offered me the best work condition and the biggest room to develop my potential abilities, educated me and developed my professional knowledge and ability on theory, but also, they have set up a good example with their top management, professors and clerks’ daily work. The latter is in fact some better lesson for us.

Therefore, since the first day I went into the Art Gallery May 6, I have been thinking what and how I should learn from the University’s educational style, to develop our employees’ potential abilities when we are using and developing their professional skills and abilities. Maybe, to care for an employee’s personal career plan and develop willing will bring them double motivations to return the company and the enterprise?

At the same time that I was moved by the American style management, I was touched by my compatriots, too.

First of all, Shenzhen Daily ? the only English newspaper in the South of Mainland of China published a report about me with whole of a paper May 14, 2010.

That was the early of April, Mr. Min Lin - the head of the chief-edition office came to my office to discuss the possibility to open a column on introducing Chinese art and culture in their newspaper. You cannot imagine. After the talking, Mr. Lin had an idea to write a report about me. Oh my God, even though I had worked as an editor in some magazine, national newspaper and a series books, my name was in the newspaper every day for more than 7 years, I had been scaring to be interviewed by a reporter. However, I was moved by one of Mr. Lin’s colleagues ? Ms. Helen Deng and her wonderful professional quality. As a young mother, she just had her baby for several months, for having an interview with me, she called me in the later night after her son had gotten sleepy, and she caught me when I was on the train from Guangzhou to Shenzhen, under the so hot sunshine, she came into my office to have a talking with me… To be honest, when I heard the crying of her baby over the telephone call and when I saw the sweat on her face, there is so much respect heart to her in my heart, therefore, I tried to answer her questions as well as possible…

Secondly, by the good help from Ms. Pat Hitch ? An American Chinese “Sister”, I have seen two doctors in the US and got some clear diagnosis on my health and eyes.

I knew Ms. Pat Hitch in my first painting workshops last September. She was the only one who wanted to learn Chinese Gongbi Painting, I was impression with her deeply. But, I decided to make friends with her since the day she wanted to help me to correct my English writing after she read my English writing first time. For me, a true friend was the one who would point out my weakness directly, let me know what was wrong I had done, what I should do with the best suitable styles, especially when I was in a dark in the other culture…

Knowing she was very busy, I did not tell her my traveling detail before I came to the US, but, we met in the Artsfect May 2 - just at the time that an American girl wanted to learn Chinese painting and she had come to me twice, however, except one piece of paper, I forgot to bring more paper with me. As long as Ms. Pat Hitch knew this, she called my host family and she picked up the paper for me… Then it was her to look after my booth and gave me time to exchange the business cards with the other artists…

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