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New Journey of Dream Seeking -- Shirley's 462nd Friendly Greeting--Sept 13, 2014

How are you? Have you had a good week?

On my side, I have come back from Australia after seeing my family, had two good communications with some local friends, Chairman of Australian Chinese Language School Cooperation and Australian Chinese Teachers. Even though the cost of travel is I could not walk normally for 4 days, I could not stand up and I had to walk by attaching the walls after I came back China. I was happy for I had achieved my purpose to go to Australia.

I am happy to see that my former baby son has become a handsome young man who works so hard for his dream. Even though I was in Australia, most of time, he left for working at 7:30a.m and came back at 10:00p.m., then went out to have a walk for 30 minutes, every week, worked on 2 jobs for 4 days. On his body, I have seen the heredity of mine to him. I feel comfortable for his work down to earth and for his healthy living style... He has refused the arrangement of the family for him to work as a manager with a high salary, but to work on his current position as an assistant accounting accountant. He has planned to take part in the study and the series examinations, become a Certified Public Accountant in few years...

I am also happy because of the good help of Mr. Lin Bin (he is on the second photo) – Chairman of Australian Chinese Language School Corporation, Mrs. Zhang Jin (she is on the second photo) – an Australian Chinese Teacher and wife of Mr. Lin, Mr. Li Zhong - a good friend of one of my former bosses, it was he introduced me to Mr. Lin in 2013 and then in 2014. I will have an opportunity to give some speeches for the local Australian Chinese and the native Australians in several cities at the time I am convenient in 2015 or 2016.

The biggest gain from the 4 hours’ talking with Mr. Lin Bin and Mrs. Zhang Qi was: They were quite interested in what I have done, they suggested me to work continuously on Chinese arts, and they did think there are many commercial opportunities in my works. Also, they suggested me to think of the point of penetration and what method I should choose to do my research and teaching, to push this project forward with the best suitable road... even he mentioned some quite detail subject that I should think and research... I have gotten so many inspirations via the good talking with them together. I have made a video and I will remember their sincerity, kindness and good help, to think of their advice seriously...

In Australia, for preparing the communications with the local Australian Chinese teachers, spent for 4 days, I rewote the outline of my project in Chinese first time and then I painted 2 little paintings. They are below and hope to bring you a big smile.

Originally, I had given up to go back Beijing since I knew clearly that my health had been at the critical point. I went to Australia with the help of medicine, then I could not walk after I came back China. In case I did not pay more attention to look after myself, maybe I would not be able to stand up forever. It would be the biggest dangerous of one of my sicknesses. However, yesterday morning, when I felt better, especially when I read the news that on Sept 10, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that he was really disapproval of the situation that some places had cancelled classical poems from their school text books. I did feel a quite big encouragement. Because what I am doing just focus on Classical Chinese Poetry, to connect the traditional Chinese paintings and Modern Chinese Language, and hope to create a special art in fine art field and a new subject in Modern Chinese Language, names Poetry, Painting, Music: Comprehensive and Artistic Chinese. To find and explore a new road to deliver Chinese culture and language to the other cultures and then to carry back the other culture and language to China.

The practice has proved, almost every one who sees what I have done in his/ her eyes, they are interested in my project, they want to give me an opportunity to show them and to teach their students. The problem is: I myself cannot do all of the things since I have been doing the jobs should be done by 6 or 7 persons / groups. After working on it for about 10 years in my free time, then to work in my sick leave for 4 years. Right now, I am near to " exhaust my supplies of food and ammunition" No matter my health or my finance ability cannot support my work for a long time again.

Instead of working for myself, I do this project for I wish to help and to benefit more people and this world. I have a strong sense of mission and the sense of responsibility, every time, when I saw the eyes of the American, Indonesian, Korean and Chinese students, felt their yearn for Chinese culture, art and language, no matter how ached on my body, how much money was spent in my travel, my heart was full of the happiness.

However, after work on it for 14 years, I am too exhausted to keep, and I myself need help, to push this small, but helpful project forward, to complete it, at least to find someone else who can continue this "career" in my heart before I lose the final ability to work and to travel... After all, If I did not tell you, you would never know how I was ache on the first and followed nights I reached in Seymour, MO, USA on Sept 14, 2013, after my last surgery on August 22; and some nights I was in Packville, Kentucky, USA in May, 2013 ( after the hospital did the admission procedures for me on April 30 already, I asked them to let me go for I must start the travel on May 6), several times, I carried my cell phone in my hand, for I wanted to call the Chinese Consulate to come to help me... However, I did not do that and I did not tell anyone who worked with me... I was afraid of bringing pressure for them and I was afraid of losing the work opportunities...

So, now, I must go back Chinese National Academy of Arts. Except I wish to improve my art level in my 5th years' study in Beijing and the 4th class year at CNAA, I do wish to find some actual help and support from the government, organizations and those people with breadth of vision in Beijing and in this world...

Since I will fly tomorrow, I have to stop here and to deliver my books and luggage. I will write to you from Beijing again.

How about you? Do you have anything special to share?


Shirley Yiping Zhang
Sept 13, 2014 (Beijing Time)

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