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Self-Examination & Adjusting - Shirley's 296th Friendly Greeting from Shenzhen & Beijing, Feb 26,2011

Hi,Dear Friends

How are you? Have you had a good weekend? I do hope that you are doing well and enjoy your weekend. 

I have finished my travel in Australia and came back to Shenzhen, I will go back to China Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing to complete my study soon. 

Instead of painting many pictures as I planed, since Jan 15, 2011, I have flown from Beijing - Shenzhen - Wuxi - Shenzhen - Australia - Shenzhen, then - Beijing and I have done so many things: to see my doctors and checked my health; to meet my friends, bosses, colleagues and retreat from the company; to visit my father (my mother's grave) in inland, to look at my son and help him abroad and to look for possible support for my art dreams here or there. During the process, I read books on management and philosophy, also, Bible and Made self-examination on my past life and plan for my future. 

Everything good or bad has past already, what I am thinking is to create a more meaningful, helpful and beautiful life for another 30 years, at least 10 years. :-) 

I have retreated from the company, I will never retire. I am going to work on my dreams of painting, music, language and management for whole of my last half life, to help the others while to improve myself, via Internet and my travels in the world.

A sad story I looked at with my own eyes in Australia (a Chinese-Australian young boy who has lived with his Chinese mother in Australia together for 17 years, since he was born in Sydney, they cannot communicate very well in Chinese and English yet. When he speaks in English, his mother does not understand him totally; when he speaks in Chinese, he could not express himself clear, so that they often need an interpreter when they discuss something important.), some frustration in my own exploring of art dream, gave me a serious lesson:

- Since I want to help the people who are interested in Chinese language and China’s culture, such as you, I cannot only work base on my kind departure point, to express my own feelings; I must do something useful and helpful to you and to my readers. I know this in theory very well, in case I want to create something, I often forget it. :-) 

- Before I find some actual support from some great work partners/organizations who have sense of social responsibility, wide chest, far-reaching international eyeshot, stong finance power and same or similar idea with me, I will shrink my " battle line", to work on few points via Internet and fewer travels, focus my limited time, energy and finance ability on few points. 

-- I will concentrate my web site as to assist people's Chinese Language Learning right now. Let my readers: 

Enjoy Painting, to Learn Chinese;
Listen to Singing, to Learn Chinese;
Watch Movie, to Learn Chinese;
Travel in China, to learn Chinese.

In all of these points, include Chinese culture, to learn Chinese language via touching Chinese culture naturally. 

So, on the flight from Sydney to Hong Kong, I have found something that I could edit, write and record as the content of Chinese in Daily Life this weekend. 

-- Via the link below, I would like to show you how to read and to say something relates to donation to the Union Nation Children’s Fund -- Change for Good. 

-- I would also like to show you a painting of plum blossom that I created for a classical poem in 2010 -- a small frustration on my art exploring recently, reminds me to learn plum blossom, to keep a positive and optimistic life attitude. 

With these ideas, even though I will be later for 10 days CAFA, the biggest gain is that I have known what I should learn in Beijing:

-- To focus myself on something relates to my combined art and to learn the lessons in selectivity. 

-- To show my exploration in my graduated exhibition in CAFA, to collect the feedback and to improve its quality. 

After thinking for about 1 month, I have started to make my new idea to be true. I know the road future is not easy to go. I will never give up with a confidence with myself. 

Tomorrow will be totally fresh, with a more beautiful sun and sunshine.

How do you think of my idea? Do you have anything special this week? 

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