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At about 1pm, 29th Sept. 2000 I reached Luxembourg. This country only has a population of about six hundred thousand and, although not very big, it has a distinctive style. The streets are quite clean, the buildings quite classical and the atmosphere quite peaceful. My first feeling was that it was quite a comfortable, gentle and fragrant place, so I guess that the lives of the people there are quite pleasant. 

As you know, I took many pictures; I was using eight batteries a day in my camera and so had to buy some batteries in Luxembourg. I left the restaurant as soon as I’d finished my lunch and, after asking two people, I found a shop that sold them. The lady in the shop was quite warm and suggested that I buy ordinary batteries rather than rechargeable ones. I had almost forgotten that because the rechargeable batteries were drained and I couldn’t recharge them on the road, then I needed some ordinary batteries. 

By the famous Adams Bridge, an old man suggested that he take a picture of me with my camera. I gave him my camera and he took a picture of me beside the bridge. His wife, a kind old lady with blue eyes and white hair, looked at me with a smile. What a nice feeling I got from meeting such a kind old couple in a strange and far away country. Why didn’t I think to take a picture of them? It’s a pity that I didn’t. What a nice and kind moment that was! It will remain in my memory forever. 

Luxembourg is one of the financial centres of the world. Just like the manageress of the restaurant said, this country doesn’t plant grain but money. Its banking and financial system are quite advanced and creditable. 

There were many people on the streets as the previous day had been the coronation day of the new king. In the whole of the country there was a kind of festival atmosphere. It is said that the king is very much respected by his people for his kindness and love of his people. 

On the border between France and Luxembourg there is a simple building, with no people to be seen. The bus crossed the border without having to stop. In fact, since I arrived in Paris, I didn’t have to show my passport again until I left Europe from Rome. 

In Luxembourg I visited the Great Canyon, The Royal Palace and Adams Bridge, and then set off on the road to Belgium. 


Written on 21st.,Oct.,2000

Edition on 30th.,April,2005

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