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My European Travel Diary (006)
-- Paris, the Capital of Art.

In Paris, I visited The Louvre, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. I also sailed in a yacht on the river Seine.

The Louvre is so great that I would really have liked to stay there the whole of my holiday instead of going to the other places. In just over two hours I took about 100 pictures. I hardly had time to listen to the guide, I ran ahead of the group to take as many pictures as possible. There is so much to see in the Louvre that if I were to spend 3 minutes at each exhibit, then it would take me about 3 months so see everything. Also, there were so many people there that if I didn’t keep up with my group then I would soon be lost in the sea of people.

My favourite things were the sculptures and the paintings in the Louvre.

I really feel that everyone who likes, loves or learns art should spend some time in Paris and the Louvre, otherwise how can they understand what is real Western art?

I feel that Paris is the capital of art as well. No matter where you are, as soon as you lift your head you can see of find art, whether in the buildings in the distance or a simple telegraph pole near your foot, you can find so many wonderful outlines, pretty patterns, beautiful statues and other decorations on them.

Along the river Seine, you can see so many artists and their work. Young and old, men and women, serious and lively, all kinds of people… they are painting, reading or talking. There is so much to do with art: paintings, books, cards, all kinds of art work… they are all made, displayed and sold.

The wandering water of the Seine, the long, long line of artists and art objects, the green French phoenix trees and the various architectural styles of the buildings make out such a wonderful picture. The pictures on the banks and the bridges over the river form a bigger and criss cross picture. The cloud kissing Eiffel Tower, the magnificent Notre Dame and the majestic Statue of Liberty give an image of the city at its largest scale as one with a rich colourful history and profound cultural inside information.

All of this touched me so deeply and left me with such good memories.

Great Paris, beautiful capital of art, I would love to visit you once more… :-)

Have you been to Paris? Do you love the city of art?

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