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My Europe Travel Diary (001)

Dear friends,

I haven’t seen you for a long time since my holiday to Europe.

I travelled from Shenzhen City, China to Paris, via Hong Kong, Bangkok, Oman and Bahrain. I visited Paris, Luxembourg, Waterloo, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Rothenbourg, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Venice, Florence, Rome and the Vatican. I visited 8 countries and 16 cities travelling on an Intalan touring bus. I then returned to Shenzhen via Abu Dhabi, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

No matter whether I was on the plane or on the bus, I tried to keep my computer, camera, pen and notebook with me so that I could take some pictures, write my impressions and record some interesting things. Now I would like to re-write and edit my some of the things that I wrote, and then, I would really like to share them and for you to give your opinions.


Written in 2000,

Edition in Oct., 2004




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