Leave School or Not?-- Shirley's 560th Friendly Greeting from Beijing - Sept 1, 2017

How are you? Are you enjoying your weekend?

This is just a short note for telling you something new quickly.

First of all, a good news is that my webs site has been recovered, meanwhile, the other web site still works at the same time.

Second, my school Chinese National Academy of Arts will start its new semester on Sept 3, 2017.

Third, I am suffering a quite difficult and pain time for deciding to keep the study for getting the master degree of Fine Arts for another 2 years or leave school.

-- The one reason is my son has gotten his Australian citizenship and to have a reunion with him is just a time problem.

-- The other reason is I feel much depressed to live under the current Chinese educational style for I have not been allowed to start my dissertation on some topics which I am truly interested in and wanted to work on 6 times since last Dec, I am getting sick more and more...

Anyway, something comforts me is my son encourages me to complete my study since I have kept for 7 years already, why don't I finish it? By the way, he was also the only person who supported me to go to the USA to study for my MBA.

And also one of my friends Mrs. Juli Liu remind me that she had met the similar pain when she wrote her Dr. paper. In her opinion, the reason I am pain because I want to either learn something more or find a solution for my cross-cultural comprehensive art dream via writing a dissertation. If I did not want to get any of them, but just think of getting the master degree, then I would not feel pain...

However, since I am studying and working while fighting with sicknesses for a dream I must think of my time cost, opportunity cost and finacial cost, whether it is worth to work on something I do not enjoy or do not want to do, but just for a master degree for 2 years.

Therefore, I will try for another a few weeks, then to decide to leave school or continue the study.

If you were me, would you choose to suffer the pain of working on something you do not enjoy, but just for a degree?

Would you have the courage to leave school at the 7th years after spending over 1 million which is your salary on your study and a cross-cultural and comprehensive dream?

Do you have anything special on your side to share?


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