An Important Adjustment or Transition-- Shirley's 538th Friendly Greeting -Sep 28, 2016

How are you? Have you started a wonderful new week?

A good news on my side is that Chinese National Academy of Arts has informed me to pay the tuition of 2016 class-year. That means I have been upgrade to a candidate for the degree of Master of Fine Arts.

Also, since Sept 19, I have worked in the music record work for the Second Book of my new series publication with my music coach, a sound engineer in a music company for 6 days and my original plan was to finish the job before Oct 18.

I am busy on the music job in the day time and painting in the night time, but I am happy for I have gotten many inspirations from the jobs and the thinking on music, language, poetry, and painting; It is full of the desire to continue the study with a grateful heart...

Therefore, along with the continuous thought, practice and often summary, I made an important decision this morning: to stop the record job by myself since Sept 30, but continue to record the accompanying music by Professor Meng Weiye who is my music coach. He has corrected my music composition. Carrying with the music, I am going to go back the places which I had taught and I will teach in the USA to organize some native English speakers to record the Chinese poem songs in English. Meanwhile I am going to think of organizing some native Chinese speakers to record the poem songs in Chinese in China or in the other suitable places...

To work this way, I myself will lose a wonderful study opportunity, but, I will work with more experts or professionals to create an international series products on a higher level.

As a student, certainly, I would really like to improve myself in the course of the music recording but we will create a middle level or an inferior product with the effort of 120% with much money and human resources; as a dreamer and a founder of the cross-culture and comprehensive art, I must work with a wider chest. So, base on the previous cooperated jobs (to translate the Chinese poems and to corrected my articles in English by organizing people who are from China, America, Britain and Australia), I am going to work on organizing professionals in music and art fields, work together, to create some better series products...

In the course to transfer my little cross-culture and comprehensive art project to be a business step by step...

With this idea, tomorrow, I will still work with my music professor and the sound engineer, to complete the music accompaniment record. Then, to go to the USA as soon as possible to continue the work in the other side of the Ocean.

Although I feel much pity for the giving up, I am delight for my mind telling me that I have done a right decision.

Here, I would really like to thank the Jinan University Press for their president -- Mr. Xu Yixiong has agreed me to delay the time to hand in my book manuscript; and they would like to sign an agreement with me for ensuring the jobs of my future cooperators in the world would be published formally in some publications...

I would also like to thank the General Manager Zhang Hongyang of the Shenzhen Ruide Culture Development Company for they have given me a good discount for my recording jobs in their company.

I would really like to thank my music coach and mentor-- Professor Meng Weiye for his good directions and support, if there were no him there to help me, I would not be able to do anything on music for my series publications.

How do you think of my new work style? Do you think I made a right choice?

Do you have anything special to share?
I am just a student on Arts of Painting, Music, English and Management, to work on the web site in my free time. I would really like to do somethings with what I have learned to make this little web site to be an Electronic Bridge of Cross - Culture and Comprehensive Arts, Language & Friendship. To help the others and this world while improving myself and realizing my own value of life.

I would really like to appreciate you for your understanding, directions, supports and help.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to or leave your message on Message Board.


Shirley Yiping Zhang
Sep 28, 2016 (Beijing Time)
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