Feedback -- Shirley's 540th Friendly Greeting -Oct 28, 2016

How are you? Is everything doing well on your side?

This is just a short letter to say Hello for keeping the connection with you.

Finally I finished the sound recording jobs in a music company on Oct 22 and signed a secrecy agreement with them on Oct 24. Now they are working on the post production and it is estimated that the job will be done for 1 week to 10 business days.

As soon as I completed this job, I wrote a postscript to thank those organizations and people who have helped me in the course of my dream seeking. Now I have attached it with this letter. If it is convenient with you, could you please check it out and let me know your feedback?

While I would really like the friends whom have been mentioned in the article to check the part relates to you and to see whether it is suitable or accurate about you.

Because I just completed it today, so, I am sure there are many things wrong in it at this time. So, if you would like, you can change something about you and let me know where and how I should correct it.

As far as the Foreword of the publication, my English tutor is checking it now... :-)

An interesting thing is that I had not been interested in Chinese Calligraphy and I wrote it for my mother and then for my teacher or professor before Professor Mu Jiashan became my supervisor and asked me to use time of 1:1 on writing Chinese Calligraphy and painting Chinese Painting, but still I wrote for him for a while… :-) but during I worked on my Chinese poem songs’ recording jobs, I had no time to paint but I kept writing calligraphy. At the first, I wrote Xing Shu -- Running Script, then, at an accidental time, I picked up a book which includes the calligraphy by Li Si(284 B.C.—208 B.C.)and the Xiao Zhuan / Qin Zhuan in Qin Dynasty ( 221 B.C.-206 B.C.) in 218 B.C. and I tried to write it, then I “ fell in love with it ” at once and it was the first time I was attractive by the ancient Chinese Characters and Calligraphy 2234 years ago, among the several calligraphies which I had studied. So, no matter how busy I am, every day, I keep writing it. During the process, I can not only enjoy the calligraphy itself, but also, I can learn so much knowledge about Chinese culture -- how Chinese made the Characters, what they thought or imagined and expressed their thoughts, feelings and wisdom via Chinese Characters and Calligraphy... quite interesting indeed…

Do you have anything special on your side to share?


Have a good weekend.

I am just a student on Arts of Painting, Music, English and Management, to work on the web site in my free time. I would really like to do somethings with what I have learned to make this little web site to be an Electronic Bridge of Cross - Culture and Comprehensive Arts, Language & Friendship. To help the others and this world while improving myself and realizing my own value of life.

I would really like to appreciate you for your understanding, directions, supports and help.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to or leave your message on Message Board.


Shirley Yiping Zhang
Oct 28, 2016 (Beijing Time)
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