A Short Note - Shirley's 380th Friendly Greeting, Dec 20, 2012

How are you?

It is 1:06am,Dec 21, 2012 in Beijing. It is also the 101st day of my 2nd class year in Chinese National Academy of Arts.

I have not written to you for two weeks since I wrote to you last time, for I have been working on the new painting below.

Anyway, now, I have completed it after working on it for about 15 days.

With an easy heart and this little note, I would like to say Hello to you while to share the painting with you and hope to bring you a big smile.

When I was working hard on the new painting, some good news comes to me:

-- Three professors who are the Assistant Deans in the Graduate School and Chinese Painting School at CNAA gave me some positive encouragements to my landscape study.

-- My son has gotten a formal work in a multinational after completing his study in Australia for about 11 years.

-- My registered readers have met 9070.

How about you? Have you had anything special to share in the passed 2 weeks?

Take care and thanks, have a good day.

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