Open a New Page- Shirley's 282nd Friendly Greeting, Nov 14, 2010

How are you? Have you had a good weekend?

Wednesday morning, Nov 10, 2010, I had my third and last surgery within the 3 months since August 11.

The sharp ache on my body made tears flow on my face involuntarily; in my heart, it was full of the ease, relaxation and even happiness. After all, this surgery has cut off the possibility of cancer for me totally.

Now, what I need to resolve is only the problem on my backbone and joints. The fight with it will be a quite long time, maybe for years, but, it will not have any danger of death at all. So, I am going to live with it together, to learn more about it, to control it and to defeat it finally with my doctors together. :-)

With this idea and a lot of beautiful dreams, I would like to open the new page in my life base on the new point as soon as possible.:-)

Even though the doctors advised me to have a recovery time for 3 weeks, after reading Bible in my bed for 2 and a half days, in the afternoon of the 3rd day after the surgery, I went back to my painting table and easel, I created my 299th Chinese Xieyi painting and my 129th Gouache and I named it as the Sunrise.

I do hope that the new page of my life will be as the sunrise, to flash hotter and more beautiful brilliance, to warm and to help the others and this world, while to improve myself on a new level.

It is not convenient for me to sing and to play any music instrument since my second surgery on Oct 14, I have been keeping painting and reading and I have gotten so much help by them.

Do you know? Since I came back from USA second time in the end of May, 2010, since I was informed to re-check my health and to exclude cancer August 11, I have been keeping painting and reading with the sickness together, no matter in the sickbed of the hospital, in the short time between this or that check in the hospitals, or had a vein injection, as long as my hands can paint, I paint something, as long as my eyes can read, I read Bible or the other books. Accompanying the ache or some uncomfortable on my body, along with the health problems were resolved one by one, I have created 37/more than 40 new paintings/practices and more than 10 pieces of music, meanwhile, my registered readers have been over 4,000 already.

Now, I guess, just with these new creations, I can have another new art exhibition. :-)

Meanwhile, the Bible reading has also given me some new understanding about many wonderful culture phenomena that I had seen in Europe, Australia and in the United States.

The best news is that after the formal treatment on my backbone and joints in Beijing University Shenzhen Hospital for 36 days since Oct 8, 2010, my vision is getting much better.

So, even though the result of the treatment is not very obvious on my backbone and joints yet, I do have felt that my vision has had a much improvement. I guess, since the problems of my backbone started from my vision, maybe it should be healed from eyes, too? :-)

I often think that I am really lucky enough. I have not only found and resolved so many health problems by the sincere help of many good doctors (just this afternoon, Nov 14, 2010, I have gotten a phone call from Ms. Yu Yang from the Digestive System Department of Beijing University Shenzhen Hospital, I am so touched and full of the appreciation in my heart, for they would like to track my health and to know how I am feeling after the surgery in their department, meanwhile, they would like to remind me to have some regular checks by B ultrasound and blood on my digestive system since I am taking so much medicine each day, to prevent the side-effect of the medicine), but also, I have found art to accompany me always.

If we say that the doctors' good jobs are helping me to fight with those unhealthy cells, virus and diseases, then, the continuous pursuit on art is helping me to gain a strong immunity, to defend my soul and mind in a very optimism and positive style.

With a healthy soul/mental world, plus the good help of the doctors, I am sure, I will certainly overcome the disease and to open a wonderful new page of my life.

Life is beautiful; the road is long and wandering. I am going to make a short-term plan for the coming 4 months' sick leave at this time, to go forward with the fight with disease, while to make my life is more peaceful, beautiful and meaningful.

How do you think of my idea? How about your life? Do you have any plan to open a new page of your life in the upcoming new year?

I am just a student on Art of Painting, Music, English and Management, to work on the web site in my free time. I would really like to do a few things with what I have learned to make this little web site to be an Electronic Bridge of Inter-Art & Cross - Culture Exchange, Chinese Language Learning & Friendship Making. To help the others while to improve myself.

I would like to appreciate you for your understanding, directions, supports and help.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to or leave your message on Message Board.

Shirley Yiping Zhang
Sunday, Nov 14, 2010

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