Come Back Home -- Shirley's 223rd Friendly Greeting -Sun, Oct 11, 2009

How are you? Are you enjoying your weekend?

Today is the 11st day that I have come back to China. I was so lucky that just worked for 1 day on Friday - Oct 9, then I have a weekend. :-)

There are so many things that I have to do in the first week after I came back from a long time traveling. The most things I had to do were to clean my home, sleep, and invite or to be invited to have meals with my friends. :-)

Even though my cleaning lady had covered everything in my home, there was still so thick dusk everywhere, so that I had to clean it time and time, until I had wiped the fifth times, I just felt better and I did not feel that I was living in a "garbage can" :-)

Anyway, there are still many places inside have not been cleaned yet. :-)

I was so sleepy after the long time traveling and the one year’s hard studying in the US, so that I could not helping sleeping always, until the 5th day, I just felt that my mind was totally clear in the day time. ;-)

Except cleaning and sleeping, I did most was to eat Chinese food with my friends who had helped me during I was in the US. :-) Almost every day, I had a meal in some different restaurant with different friends. ;) There is so much Chinese food suddenly so that I do not know which one is my favorite. Many times, when we had ordered some food already, I suddenly found some food I wanted to eat, and then we added it for us. ;-)

The biggest feeling is that in the process of I grow up, even though a little progress I have made includes too many people’s care for, support and help. If there were no my professors, bosses, colleagues, friends, family members to support me, direct me and help me in the US and in China, I would not be able to do anything. So, today, when I have come back from the other side of the Ocean with my master degree in the Business Administration field and the Certificate of Recognition in the Art Field, I should not forget all of these people who were behind of me. So, the first thing I did after I came back was to call my teachers, bosses, colleagues and friends, to invite them to have a meal and to express my grateful heart to them…

I know clear that no matter a new degree or the art exhibition, everything has past and become a history. What I must do is to re-start to work on my position with a calmer mind as a manager, while re-start to learn as a student on painting, music and languages, to create a new history with a new mentality on a new starting point…

So, I have re-started my English learning that I had started before I went to the US in Beijing Foreign Studies University as a formal distance student and I handed in my first assignment of my 4th course -- “English at Work” on Oct 8.

Then I got up at about 4:30 pm on Oct 9 and went to my office before 8:00am.

As soon as I walked into the office building, I was touched by a strong tight and impassioned atmosphere. There were more working photos in the corridors, people greeted me with smiles and fast steps; a guard on the 3rd floor told me that my office had been cleaned already, and he wondered whether I needed a key to enter my office.

When I went through the office of my boss on the 6th floor, I was touched by the opened door. As usual, Dr. Zheng was in his office earlier than the normal working time on the first day of a long holiday and it was him had required the administration office to send every employee’s parents a greeting letter and a box of moon cakes before our National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival, to thank them had trained a good son or daughter for the country and for our company.

After a short and delighted talking with him, I went into my own office and my heart was touched once more. Everything, no matter the computers, book bookcase, sofas, chairs, air-condition or the drinking fountain were in their original places and there was no any dust on them. A branch of my favorite light purple roses was in a vase on my desk. A group of the paintings Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter by sand and stones and two maps of China and world on the walls…

Then an engineer came into my office and fixed my computers since I had forgotten the passwords; a clerk came into my office and sent me the newspapers; the secretary of my boss came to help me to apply a special passport between Hong Kong and Shenzhen by a telephone call…

Everything made me feel kind, warm and comfortable. Everything made me have a feeling that I have come back home…

Yes, I have come back Home -- my own Country already. I would really like to work hard for my developing motherland with the knowledge and skills that I have learned from the most advanced country -- USA...

(For helping you know my city ? Shenzhen much more, I have fixed two photos of its night scene on this page and hope to bring you a big smile.)

How about your life and work, do you have any thing special this week?

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