The Good News & Bad News - Shirley's 232nd Friendly Greeting - Sun., Dec 20, 2009

How are you? I do hope that you are doing well and enjoy your weekend.

I appreciate you and every friend who is caring for me and wrote to me. I am sorry that I could not respond you in time since I was in the hospital since Dec 8, but, I have really read every letter carefully.

This afternoon, I have gone out of the Digestive System Department of the hospital and the Institute of Digestive Diseases of Shenzhen since the two tumors that had been removed from my digestive system are benign. I am so happy for the good news and my heart is smiling. :-)

With a grateful heart, I rushed back home in the noon and took three of my Chinese Xieyi paintings to send my two doctors and my roommate and her husband. Later, I will send them some Chinese Gongbi Paintings when I have time to deal with them. :- )

I appreciate Dr. Song Yang and her assistant Dr. Xu Zhenglei, for their excellent and responsible work with a high professional level -- they have not only removed the tumors from my body, but also, they have found some of the other problems for me.

I appreciate my roommate Mrs Zhang Ruiqin and her husband Mr. Gao Fuyi, for they have not only given their hands to me when I needed help, but also, they have taught me a lot of basic medical knowledge with much enthusiasm as a couple of kind elder sister and brother.

I am happy that I have not only recovered my digestive system's health, but also, I have had some new and good friends...

However, things have not been finished yet. Right now, my blood sedimentation has been 109/hour and the normal rate should be 20/hour, plus the checking of CT, MRI on my legs and sacroiliac joints shows some problems. So, Dr. Song has invited some doctors from the other department to have a consultation for me.

Instead of eating medicine, as soon as I went out of the hospital, I went to the local specialized hospital to make a consultation for the problem on my bone. With the time on the road, I made an appointment with the local Army Hospital. I will have a checking of Pat-CT (Positron Emission Tomography ? CT) for whole of my body next Monday.

I would like to exclude all possibility of cancer in my body. Meanwhile, I wonder why my legs are aching, whether it is the only reason to make my blood sedimentation much higher than the normal standard.

I would also like to get a same diagnosis by 3 hospitals, then to start to eat medicine. After all, the wrong diagnosis 16 years ago, had hurt me too much. I must protect my legs for my new and more travels now and in the future.

I know that the road is not easy to go in the coming days. I am confidence with my doctors, friends and myself. I will certainly go over the hard time and to face a beautiful future with a big smile... : -)

How about you? Do you have anything special this week?

Take care and thanks, have a good day.


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