The Last Week Before A Holiday - Shirley's 107th Friendly Greeting -- Mon, Oct 1, 2007

How are you? I do hope that you are well and have an easy and relaxed weekend.

This is the last week before Chinese National Day’s Holiday. All people will have a 7 days holiday from Oct 1 to Oct 7. Our company gives us a 9 days holiday from Sep 28 to Oct 7.

Instead of traveling as usual, I want to stay at home for a peaceful rest, because I did feel that I was burnt out too much and I could fall asleep anywhere and at any time. So that sometimes, I made a joke, that I would be the most delighted person, if I could sleep for 3 days…

I did many things in the company and at home in the last week. After the project group completed our final technology testing of the two new products, we made a report to the company and applied to buy a group of servers to support the running of the new products. We finished our report Thursday at 5:00pm. The equipment buying report was authorized friday at 8:30 am. The first 11 new servers will be in the company as soon as the holiday is finished. Meanwhile, I organized some departments by making a primary proposal to update one of our information exchange systems between the listed companies and their investors ? We created it in 1999 and it has been updated many times and now it has become a top system in the industry in China. Also I dealt with an accident that was happened in the most information publishing system of us and organized someone to find some resolve way temporarily and enduringly...

I was quite tired on my body and in my mind. I was delighted and easy in my heart, when I left from my office Friday night. so that I could not help to dance as soon as I entered my home for I would finally have a holiday…

At my home, a big thing is that the Natural Gas Company has completed the work to change my coal gas system to natural gas system. I did want to stay at home for a while for the "Good Reason", but I just spent 1.5 hours to buy a new natural gas cooker and to see the workers completing their job in my lunch time. I am happy to see the great changing in the city. In the past short 15 years, the fuel in my kitchen has been changed from coal gas of the bottle to be coal gas of the tube and the natural gas right now. Oh, our city ? Shenzhen is the first one to import the natural gas from Australia.

A funny thing this week is that I was not used to the life that my cleaning lady absented in the first 3 days. Until Thursday, I just felt ok to do every family thing ? to clean rooms and kitchen, to wash clothes and to take rubbish out by myself. I just realized why people called me "a single noble" right now. Ha, when I have been used to do everything by myself, my cleaning lady will come back I guess.

Do you have any holiday recently? How do you spend your holiday usually?

I am just a learner on art, music, English and the work on the web site in my free time. Anyway, I would really like to do a little bit things with what I have learned to make this little web site to be An Electronic Bridge Of Culture Exchange, Friendship and Language Learning. During the process to help the others and to improve myself.

I do appreciate your understanding, directions and supports. I do hope to get your great help continuously now and in the coming time...

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please write to or You are welcomed to publish your opinions in the forum.

Shirley Yiping Zhang
Written and Edited on Monday, October 1, 2007
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