The 3rd Friendly Greeting From Shirley, China -- Sun., Sep 11, 2005

Hi, Friend,

This is a friendly greeting from Shirley with many smiles via 3rd mail group.

I do appreciate that you are interested in Chinese cultures and I appreciate your great support to my work on Shirley's World www.

Some of friends told me that they could not open my voice files, so, this week, except I offered you something new below, also I changed the software to record the song A Same Song. If you can open it, please let me know, then I will change my record software for you. Ok? I am just a learner on all of the work. Many times I do not know what words I should write in English, how I should to use my colors or breath when I was paitning or singing... Anyway, I really hope to offer a little bit help to you to know more Chinese culture and help you to improve your Chinese level; meanwhile, to improve myself. I really hope to get your help, support, and directions on matter on English language or cultures and skills.

If you have any questions, requests, advice, comments, suggestions, please write to, or you are welcomed.

Written, Edited and Recorded The Works on Sun./Sat, Sep 11/10, 2005
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