Chinese & Art Classroom

Chinese & Art Classroom

I enjoy teaching and I found a primary school which had 7 students but 4 grades when I was 15, an art teacher at 17, and an instructor of Chinese language and literature in a college, so that I thought I would certainly be a professor someday. 

However, I was changed into an editor and a senior manager in Chinese financial and Securities industry. Until 2002, the death of my 48-years elder brother shocked and reminded me to re-start to pursue my true love --arts of paiting, music and language. 

So, since I launched my own web site in 2005, Art, Music and Chinese Langauge & Literature (mainly Poetry) have been the main contents of it, which have been expressed by Creating and Teaching. And since then, used for 15 years, base on Chinese painting, music and poetry, I have been studying, explorying and creating something new in Chinese as Second Language field --“Poetry, Painting, Music: Comprehensive and Artistic Chinese, which is a new Chinese langauge learning/ teaching style -- to help non-Chinese speakers to learn Chinese and culture by enjoying and practicing poetry, paintings, music and various arts. Meanwhile, to create a new comprehensvie art form in art fied.  

So, now in the Chinese Language & Arts Classroom mainly include Learn Chinese Language, Chinese Art(mainly painting) and Chinese Culture 3 parts.

I. Learn Chinese : 
   1. Chinese in Comprehensive Arts 
     1) Poetry, Painting, Music: Comprehensive and Artistic Chinese 
     2) Chinese in Poetry  
           --  Chinese in Classical Poems
           -- Chinese in contemporary lyrics
     3) Chinese in Music 
           -- Chinese in Shirley's Original Music
           -- Chinese in Billingul Songs
     4) Chinese in Paintings-and- Stories
  2. Chinese in Daily Life & Current Affairs 
       1) Chinese in Daily Life, 
       2) Chinese in Current Affair
       3) Chinese Idiom,Slang
       4) Chinese Vocabulary
       5) Chinese Characters 

II. Learn Chinese Arts
   1. On Techneques: 
      1) Chinese Gongbi Painting 
      2) Chinese Baimiao Painting 
      3) Chinese Xieyi Painting 
      4) Chinese Mogu Painting
      5) Painting from the Nature
   2. On Contents: 
      1) Flower-and-Bird Painting (include animals)
      2) Chinese Mountain and Water Painting/Landscape

III. Shirley's China (Chinese Custom)

These ideas and creative jobs have gotten welcome and admired in the past days, still I feel like studying, practicing and improving them on a higher and better  level, and I am looking forward to hearing your comments.

If you have any questions, sugguestions and advice, you are welcome to write to


Shirley Yiping Zhang

Jan 2, 2020 in Springfield, MO, USA

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