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Vocabulary In Chinese--017: New Words About Tax


This year, for the first time, the Chinese government has asked citizens with a yearly income of more than 120,000 RMB to complete a tax return, which had to be submitted by 31st March.

This really is a new thing for us, because for a long time, since the country was founded, an individual’s tax affairs were dealt with by his/her company or the organization that he/she was working for. We just needed to draw our salary with the tax having already been paid.

Most people in China do not know how to complete a tax return or how to pay their tax in person. It is stranger more so for me because I am the sort of person who does not care very much in knowing and does not know exactly how much money that I have made except for my basic yearly salary. So I did not know how much tax that I had paid in the past or how much I should pay in the future until 2 weeks ago when an accountant showed me my tax table and asked me to check it and to sign my name on it.

Ha, this is really the first time that I have known how much tax that I have paid to the country.

I am also lucky because our accountancy department has dealt with my tax affairs for me already since the policy also allows a person to entrust someone else to deal with these kinds of things on their behalf.

Anyway, since this is something very important in any economy, I would like to present you with some new vocabulary about tax in Chinese and hope it is a little help to you in learning about Chinese culture and in improving your Chinese language level.


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tax : n.税 --   shuì
tax : n. 税款 -- shuìkuǎn
the amount of tax to be paid: n. 税额 -- shuì é
tax law: n. 税法 -- shuìfǎ
tax and duty, tax payment: n. 税金 -- shuìjīn
tax and interest: n. 税利 -- shuìlì
tax rate : n. 税率 -- shuìlǜ
tax items : n. 税目 -- shuìmù
tax certificate : n. 税契 -- shuìqì
tax revenue : n. 税收 -- shuìshōu
taxation affairs: n. 税务 -- shuìwù
tax collector n. 税务员 -- shuìwùyuán
a revenue officer, revenuer: n. 税务官 -- shuìwùguān
tax source: n. 税源 -- shuìyuán
tax system: n. 税制 -- shuìzhì
categories of taxes: n. 税种 -- shuìzhǒng

pay taxes: phrase. v. 纳税 -- nàshuì
pay taxes: phrase. v. 缴税 -- jiǎoshuì
taxpayer: n. 纳税人 -- nàshuìrén
dodge (evade) a tax, tax dodging: phrase.v. 偷税 -- tōushuì
tax dodger: n. 偷税人 -- tōushuìrén
tax evasion: n.逃税 --táoshuì
tax evasion 漏税 -- lòushuì
tax-free, duty-free: n. 免税 -- miǎnshuì
turnover tax∶n.营业额税 -- yíngyèéshuì
sales tax: 营业税 -- yíngyèshuì
income tax:n. 所得税 -- suǒdéshuì
inheritance tax, death tax: n.遗产税-- yíchǎnshuì
inheritance tax: n. 继承税 --jìchénshuì
estate duty, estate tax: n. 房地产遗产税 -- fáng dì chǎn yíchǎn shuì
interest tax: n. 利息税 -- lìxīshuì
stamp duty,stamp tax   -- n.印花税 -- yìnhuāshuì
fiscal, fiscal stamp, revenue stamp -- 印花税票

tariff, customs duty: n. 关税 -- guānshuì
revenue tax: n. 关税收入 -- guānshuì shōurù


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-- Shirley
Written, Translated and Recorded on Sunday, April 15, 2007

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