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Vocabulary In Chinese--016: New Words About Religions -02-   Christianity ( Catholicism,Protestantism & Orthodox Church )


Hi friends, Happy Easter!

Last weekend, after I sent my weekly friendly greeting and Vocabulary in Chinese: Religions -- Buddhism and Taoism, I got some very helpful responses from some of my friends. One friend taught me to distinguish the different branches of Christianity and another offered me some very helpful new words that are used in the church. :-) I appreciate all this nice help and I would really like to do my best to present you with something helpful and useful in Chinese. :-)

I did not realize that this weekend is Easter and my original plan was just to offer you some new words about Christianity. :-) It really is a lovely coincidence.

Now, when I work on Vocabulary in Chinese and on the rest of my web site, I feel happy even though it is such hard work - I work on it for 15 to 18 hours most Sundays and have done so since 2005 - after all, I have learned so much from the work itself and I have got so much enjoyment from the culture, language, music, art and so on that I have presented.

By the way, both the churches on this page are in my city and the first one is the church that I often go to, to sing and to pray... :-)

This is really a small world. Right?


Please click on any Chinese character to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation and meaning, and then to read it after me.

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Christianity: n. 基督教 -- Jīdūjiào

Catholicism: n. 天主教 -- Tiānzhǔjiào
Protestantism: n. 新教 -- Xīnjiào
Protestantism: n. 耶稣教 -- Yēsūjiào
Orthodox Church: n. 东正教 -- Dōngzhèngjiào
the Orthodox Church: n. 正教 -- Zhèngjiào
Greek orthodox church: n. 希腊正教 -- Xīlàzhèngjiào

Christian: n.基督徒 ? Jīdūtú
Christian: n.基督教徒 -- Jīdūjiàotú
Catholic: n. 天主教徒 -- Tiānzhǔjiàotú
Eastern: n. 东正教徒 -- Dōngzhèngjiàotú
Protestant:n. 新教徒-- Xīnjiàotú
Protestant:n. 耶稣教徒 -- Yēsūīnjiàotú

Christ: n.基督 --Jīdū
Jesus: 耶稣 -- Yēsū
Pope, pontiff, Holy Father: n. 教皇-- jiàohuáng
godfather: n. 教父 -- jiàofù
pastor,minister,clergyman:n. 牧师 -- mùshi

the Bible: n. 圣经 -- Shèngjīng

church: n. 教堂 -- jiàotáng
Cathedral: n. 天主堂 ? tiānzhǔtáng

abbey: n. 修道院 -- xiūdàoyuàn
monastery: n. 男修道院 -- nánxiūdàoyuàn
convent: 女修道院 -- nǚxiūdàoyuàn
nun:n. 修女 -- xiūnǚ
cleric: n. 修士 -- xiūshì

Holy grail: 圣杯圣盘 -- shèngbēi,shèngpán
Sangreal: n. 圣杯 -- hèngbēi
Holy Communion: n. 圣餐礼 -- shèngcānlǐ
Lord's Supper: 圣餐 -- shèngcān

Easter: n.复活节 -- Fùhuójié
Easter egg: n. 复活节彩蛋-- Fùhuójié cǎidàn
Easter holiday: 复活节假期 -- Fùhuójié jiàqī
Easter music: 复活节音乐 -- Fùhuójié jīnyuè
Easter week: 复活节周-- Fùhuójié zhōu

Jesus' birthday: n. 圣诞 -- shèngdàn
Christmas Day: n. 圣诞节 -- Shèngdànjié
Santa Claus: n. 圣诞老人 -- Shèngdàn Lǎorén
Christmas tree: n. 圣诞树 -- shèngdànshù


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Written, Translated and Recorded on Sunday, April 8, 2007

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