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Chinese Classical Poem 0102 -- (By He Zhizhang) & Shirley Created Music-0080--01: Yong Liu --Intone A Willow

I have prepared a new Chinese poem and also I have created some music to match it. But, for I am treating the guests in my home, so, I have not completed my recording on the weekend yet, so, I would like to offer an old poem and my created music for you and hope you enjoy it.

-- Shirley
Sun, Nov 4,2007

Listen to Shirley Singing the Poem in August, 2005
Following Shirley to Read the Poem
Learning the Meaning of the Poem
Shirley Created Picture for the Poem in August, 2007
Shirley Written Chinese Calligraphy for It in August, 2007

Willow is one of the beautiful plants in the spring season. So, it is something to be admired by the artists of language, painting and music and so on.

The poem Yong Liu -- Intone A Willow by Tang Dynasty Poet He Zhizhang is just one of the best works to admire a willow.

It is famous because of its two lines: Bu zhi xiye shui zai chu, er yue chunfeng si jiandao. That means " I wonder who has tailored the thin leaves, the spring wind in February is just like a pair of scissors"

One year and eight months ago, I first time introduced it to you and created a music to match it. But then, I had no a database to save the new words and the music sounds like a little bit lengthiness.

So, this weekend, I have not only created a painting to match it and have written a calligraphy on the picture, I’v also re-created the music and re-sang and re-played it.

I do hope that what I have done and explored is a little bit help to you to learn Chinese culture and language.

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A tall willow has been dressed up
by the leaves as jade,
Its soft branches are hanging
as ten thousand green silk ribbons.
I wonder
who has tailored its thin leaves,
The spring wind in February
is just like a pair of scissors...


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Shirley Zhang
Written, Sung, Translated and Recorded on Sun, Aug 5, 2007

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