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Chinese Classical Poem 0091(By Dai Shulun) & Shirley Created Music 081-02: Lanxi Chaoge -- A Chanty of Brook

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Hi, friends, have you had any experience to spend a night on a boat in a stream by some mountains? Today, I would like to introduce a Chinese classical poem by Tang Dynasty(A.D.618 - 907) poet Dai Shulun (A.D. 732 - 789)Lanxi Zhaoge -- Chanty of Lanxi. It not only has written a beautiful and peaceful landscape of the water and mountains in the moonlight, but also it pluses some colors of flowers, sounds of rain, and the jumping of fish, to give the peaceful picture a lot of alive breath... :-) Just like a snippet of a "Film".

I enjoyed this little poem as soon as I read it. So, I wrote a piece of a little music to match it quickly on   Nov 19, 2006.

Now, I have created a new picture   and I have written calligraphy for it. Also, re-recorded the music this weekend.   

I do hope that my effort will be a little bit help to you to know Chinese culture and your Chinese learning. :-)


A new moon as an eyebrow is hanging on the willows in the bend of the stream,
the beautiful landscape is reflecting in mirror of the water.
When the peachblossoms are opening in the soft spring rain in March,
the carps are jumping up the beach to spawn in the midnight... :-)


Please hit any Chinese character that you need help with, to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation, and meaning and follow me to read it.



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Shirley Zhang

Written, Sung, Translated and Recorded on Sun, Nov 19, 2006 & August 12, 2007

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