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Chinese Classical Poem --0017 (By Du Mu) & Shirley Created Music-008 :Shan Xing -- Travel In A Mountain

Sunday night, when I would like to fix my 7th "combined works" with my new painting, poem, and calligraphy together, I did have a lot of feelings for something I just realized. :-)

Time is so fast, 2 years has past since I introduce this poem in July, 2005 first time. Then, I had not thought of anything to create a piece of music to match it yet. Then, in November, 2005, I created my 8th piece of music for it, but, I had no have any database to deal with the new words repeating at that time. Also, I had not thought to combine any picture, calligraphy, and the other art style to match it at all.

So, this Sunday, when I tried to re-edit this poem here, I kept the original singing and recording I did in 2005. I think, this is really a process of thinking and creating, to keep them here will help me to continue my exploring and also, it can remain me to keep a hard working with thinking, creating and a continued exploring right now and in the future.

I really hope that you enjoy what I have done and it can be a little bit help to you to know more about Chinese culture, and to improve your Chinese language level.

Except this poem, I have also introduced the other two poems by the same poet in Tang Dynasty Du Mu. You are welcomed to review them with the links below:

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Sun, July 29, 2007


Listen to Shirley Singing the Poem in 2005
Following Shirley to Read the Poem in Chinese
Shirley Created Picture for the Poem in 2007
Shirley Written Chinese Calligraphy for the Poem in 2007
Learning the Meaning of the Poem

Hi, friends, today, I would like to introduce a new Chinese classical poem Shan Xing-- Travel In A Mountain by Tang Dynasty(A.D.618-A.D.907) poet Du Mu(A.D. 803 - A.D.852).

Du Mu is one of the most important representative poets in the later period of Tang Dynasty. His literature accomplishment is showed on many sides, poem is the most famous part. He has a same reputation as Li Shangyin, to be called "Little Li Du" (The big “Li Du” is Li Ai and Du Fu) Now there are about 450 poems and essays by him in the world.   

I love and choose the little peom for you because it has written an autumn views as a beautiful spring landscape with a very positive and few words, it is full of the breath of spring's. So, I could not help to create a piece of music to match this poem and hope to reappear its beauty with music for you... :-)


Note:This is also a Jue Ju. Jue Jue has a very seriou requirement on rhythm; word number; match both sound and sense in two poetic lines, level and oblique tones of a vocable. In my opinions, it is a poetry that is   the most difficult to write. Later, after we have learn more Jue Jue, I will show you about this. Ok? :-)


Going up to a cool mountain far away,
a winding stone path over there.
There is a household in the depths of the white clouds,
Stopping my carriage for I love the maple forest in the deep autumn,
The leaves in the frost are redder than the flowers in February.


Please hit any Chinese character that you need help with, to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation, and meaning and follow me to read it.



If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to or You are welcome to publish your opinions in Message Board as well.

Shirley Zhang

Written on Mon, Nov 7, 2005
Edited, Sang and Recorded It On Sat, Nov, 12, 2005
Re-Edition It on Sun, July 29, 2007

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