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My European Travel Diary (009): From France to Luxembourg -- Oct 16, 2000

At 8 am, 29th Sept. 2000, I left Paris for Luxembourg. Between the two countries is the great French plane, which is like a green sea between the two countries. 

France also has a very strong farming industry. About six hundred thousand farmers produce grain for the whole country, so France is also known as “the barn of Europe”. Farmers are very much respected there. 

I quite liked the French plain; it was so flat, wide and beautiful. The bright green land was punctuated by areas of black and yellow. There were also many small hills on it, and by these deep green hills there were many orange and white buildings… The black was the newly ploughed soil, the yellow, flowers, and the orange and white buildings were farmsteads and churches. On the wandering highway that goes through the great plain, I felt that the cars, trucks and buses were like various boats, ships and warships sailing the green sea and the small hills and the houses were just like islands. Against the green plain, the red and white balusters added some bright color, the blue sky far away made the green more far reaching and vast. 

How beautiful the French plain is! I loved it very much indeed and I am touched deeply by it still now. I really feel that great Mother Nature is the best medicine. Any sadness, any pain, could be lost in nature. Beautiful nature not only brings us up, but is also edifying for us and helps us so much… it is the mother of humanity. 

I feel that the biggest characteristic of the highway in France are the frequent mosaics of richly colored round, square or other shapes next to the road. Sometimes there are yellow pillars with bright red and green on them. Can you guess their function? To alleviate tiredness in drivers who have been driving for a long time. The design is so beautiful that and it breaks up a long journey with lots of bright colors. 

During the journey, the guide played some music and asked us to introduce ourselves one by one. I don’t know when or who, but someone gave me the nickname “reporter”, then I had to go to the front of the bus and say something over the microphone. 

At about 1 pm. I reached Luxembourg and started my visit to the wonderful place. 


Written on 16th.,Oct., 2000

Edition on 30th.,April,2005


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