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Tang Poetry --003: Zeng Wang Lun



Hi, this is Shirley, today, I would like to introduce a Chinese classical poem "Zeng Wanglun".

This is a Tang Poem by Li Bai(A.D.710 - 762), A very famous Chinese classical poet. In acient times, classical peoms could be sung. Along with time, most of the tones have been lost, so, I will try to write the music and try to sing it during and I'll explain it for you.

The Main Meaning of This Poem:

Li Bai was sitting up by his boat,
He heard a singing to the sound of footsteps on the bank suddenly.
"The Peach blossom Pool is thousands inches deep,
The friendship of Wang Lun sends me is deeper than the water."

The Chinese Pronunciation:

Li3 Bai2 cheng2 zhou1 jiang1 yu4 xing2,
hu2 wen2 an4 shang4 ta4 ge1 sheng1.
Tao2 hua1 tan2 shui4 shen1 qiang1 chi3,
bu4 ji2 Wang1 Lun2 song2 wo3 qing2.

The New Words:

Li3 Bai2:The name of this poem
cheng2 zhou1: By boat. Zhou: boat
jiang1: will
yu4: want
xing2: go
hu2: suddenly
wen2: hear, listen.
an4 shang4: on the bank
ta4 by the beat (the sound of footsteps)
ge1 sheng1: Singing
(New Words:)
Tao2 hua1 tan2:The Peach blossom Pool, the name of the pool.
shui4: water
shen1: deep
qiang1 chi: a thousand inches
bu4 ji2 not like, not equal to
Wang1 Lun2 : the name of the poet's friend's
song2: send-off
wo3 : me, I
qing2: feelings, friendship

Chinese Characters:



This is also a Jue Ju, just like last one we learned by Dupu. They have 4 lines, every line has very strict rules and forms. I do hope you like them.

I would really like to appreciate an America friend who corrected my English after I put this poem on the web site. So,I re-edited my writing oce more. Any questions, comments and sugguestions are welcomed.


Written, Edited It on 12nd., June, 2005
Recorded it On 13rd.,June, 2005
Re-edited on 5th.,July,2005