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Chinese in Current Affairs --0021( Sentence:156--158): How to Say "China: The World's Largest Shoe Producer"



On Friday night, when I was reading some news online, an article about China's shoe manufacture and export caught my eyes. I thought that maybe it would be a good topic for us to talk about in light of what we discussed concerning China's mobile phone output last weekend. :-)

I do hope that what I have done for you will be a little help towards your Chinese language learning... :-)   


Please click on any Chinese character that you need help with to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation and meaning, and then follow me to read it.

No.156: -- 中国每年九十亿世界产量50%产量成为世界上最大的生产
               -- China has become the largest shoes making country in the world with its annual production of 9 billion pairs of shoes, 50 percent of the world's total output.
No.157: -- 2005中国一万八千生产商出口六十九亿
               -- More than 18,000 shoes manufacturers in China exported 6.9 billion pairs of shoes in 2005.

No.158: -- 2006上半年中国出口价值九十八点五亿美元
               --   China exported US$9.85 billion worth of shoes in the first half of 2006.

Note: The English news cover is from People's Daily

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Written and Recorded On Sun, Sep 10, 2006