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Chinsese in Daily Life 002: How to Introduce a New friend to Another









Hi, This is Shirley. Today, I would like to tell you how to introduce a new friend to anothers.

First of all, let us to learn some new words:
zhe4 -- this
shi4 --is
ge -- a, one

mei3 guo2 ren2 --   American
xi1 la4 re2 -- Greek
ying1 guo2 ren2 --   British
fa3 guo2 ren2 -- French

jiap4 shi1 --   teacher
shang1 ren2 -- businessman/woman
xue2 sheng1 -- student
yi1 yue4 jia1 --   musician
hua4 jia1 -- artist

Once More:
zh: this
sh: is
t: he/him,she/her
g: a, one
mi gu rn : American
x l r:       Greek
yng gu rn: British
f gu rn:    French
jio sh: teacher
shng rn: businessman/woman
yn yu ji:    musician
hu ji:          artist
xu shng:         student

When we introduce a new friend to the others, we often say:
This is Charlie.
  He is American.
  He is a teacher.

  In Chinese is:
  Zhe4 shi4 Cha2 Li3.
  Ta1 shi4 mei3 guo2 ren2.
  Ta1 shi4 ge4 jiao4 shi1.
  \      \       /      v
  Zhe   shi   Cha2 Li3.
  -    \    v    /    /
  Ta shi mei guo ren.
  -    \   \    \    -
  Ta shi ge jiao shi.

In this introduction, there are 3 patterns. So, we can say :

This is Green (Mike, Randy ...)
Zhe4 shi4 Green.
Zhe4 shi4 Mike.
Zhen4 shi4 Randy.

He/she is Greek (British, French ...)
Ta1 shi4 xi1 la4 ren2.
Ta1 shi4 ying1 guo2 ren2.
Ta1 shi fa3 guo2 ren2.

He/she is a businessman (musician, artist, student...)
Ta1 shi4 ge shang1 ren2.
Ta1 shi4 ge yin1 yue4 jia1.
Ta1 shi4 ge hua4 jia1.
Ta1 shi4 ge xue2 sheng1.

Ok, I do think there is too much for today. I do hope you enjoy it. Any questions and suggestions are welcomed.   

See you next time.


Writed on 3rd.,May, 2005
Edited on 3rd.,May, 2005