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Chinese in Daily Life 001: How to Greet Others






Hi, this is Shirley, today I would like to show you how to greet somebody.

When Chinese people meet each other, we say hello as you do. There are several ways of doing this which I have shown below:

Hello: Ni3 hao3   

         v      v
         ni   hao

Good morning: Zao3 shang4 hao3.

                       v       \         v
                    zao   shang    hao

Good Afternoon: Xia4 wu3   hao3.

                        \       v       v
                       xia    wu    hao

Good Evening:   wan3   shang4   hao3
                          v          \       v
                       wan      shang   hao

Good night:      wan3    an1
                        v       -
                       wan    an

Good Bye:         zai4   jian4
                        \       \
                       zai    jian

As I told you in my article on the ancient Chinese poem   "Goose", there are 5 tones in Chinese, and there are 2 ways of indicating these. One is to use numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, with the absence of a tone number indicating the light tone. The other one is to use accents:   

-   /   v   \

I have used both systems on this page, try to remember them. :-)

Now please read these greetings after me:
Hello: Ni3 hao3
Good Afternoon: Xia4 wu3   hao3
Good Evening:   wan3   shang4   hao3
Good night:      wan3    an1
Good Bye:         zai4   jian4
Hope you've enjoyed this article. Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome.
See you next time. :-)

-- Shirley

Writed On 2nd., May,2005
Edited On 3rd., May,2005