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Vocabulary In Chinese--006: New Words About Living In China



Hi friends, last weekend I introduced a group of words about eating out. Today I would like to introduce some new vocabulary about living in China and hope it is helpful to you during your trip to China and also in learning something more about China.


Please click on any Chinese character that you need help with to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation and meaning, and then to read it after me.

If you have any difficulty with displaying the Chinese characters, or you can not hear the audio file, you can Download A Software on the Homepage to Help You. . :-)

: stay, live -- zhu
住宿:stay,get accommodation -- zhusu

旅馆:hotel-- lǚguan
客栈:inn -- kezhan
酒店:hotel   -- jiudian (dialect)

楼层:storey, floor -- louceng
楼面:floor -- loumian
楼道:corridor -- loudao
走廊:corridor -- zoulang
楼上: upstairs -- loushang

房间:room -- fangjian
单人房:single room -- dangrenfang
双人房:double room -- shuang ren fang

:bed -- chuang

房屋:house,building -- fangwu
楼房:storied building -- loufang
平房:one story house, bungalow -- pingfang

住宅:residence, house, domicile -- zhuzai
住宅区: residential quarters -- zhu zhai qu
住址: address -- zhuzhi
公寓:flat, apartment -- gongyu
住房:housing -- zhufang
房子:house -- fangzi

房东:landlord or landlady -- fangdong

卧室:bedroom -- woshi
厨房:kitchen -- chufang
洗手间: washroom
厕所:W.C., toilet, washroom -- cesuo
书房:book room, studyroom -- shufang

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Written, Translated and Recorded It On Sat, June 3, 2006