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Chinese in Daily Life-0022( Sentence:126--129): Directions



Hi friends, last weekend we learned something about different forms of transport. I think that after reaching your destination then you may need to know something about directions. So today, I would like to offer you some new sentences about looking for a particular place and something about directions. I hope you find it at least a little helpful in your Chinese learning and in your travel in China.:-)

By the way, the first picture in this page is just a corner of Shenzhen. Hope you can find it someday when you come to my city. :-)


No.126: -- 你好。
               -- 请问最近的银行在哪里?

               -- 向前第一个红绿灯转左
               -- Excuse me, where is the nearest bank?
               -- Go ahead, then turn left at the first traffic lights.      
No.127: -- 请问邮局在哪里?
               -- 在第三个拐角右转。

               -- Excuse me, where is the post office?
               -- Turn right at the third corner.

No.128: -- 请问附近有麦当劳吗?
               -- 往前过两条街就到了。

               -- Excuse me; is there a McDonald's nearby?
               -- It's two streets straight ahead.

No.129: -- 请问我怎样去中医院?
               -- 在你左边第三栋。

               -- Excuse me, how can I go to the Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital?
               -- It is the third building on your left.


Please hit any Chinese character that you need to be helped, to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation, meaning and follow me to read it.

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Written and Recorded On Sun, April 23, 2006