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Chinese in Daily Life-0021( Sentence:122--125): How To Find Transport.



Hi friends, last weekend we learned how to greet a new friend; today I would like to present you with some new sentences about finding transport.

I think that the first language problem you will have in China, maybe as soon as you arrive at the airport, will be finding transport to get to your destination.

This week, to go with the new sentences in Daily Chinese, I have opened a new column -- Vocabulary In Chinese. The first group of new words are names of common forms of transport. I really hope both parts can support each other and they are a little help to you in your Chinese learning and your travel in China. :-)


No.122: -- 先生/女士/小姐你好
               -- 请问哪里有出租车(的士)?

               -- Xiansheng/nǚshi/xiaojie, nihao.
               -- Qingwen nali you chuzuche?

               -- Hello (Hi), Sir/Lady/Miss.
               -- Excuse me, where could I find a taxi?

No.123: -- 请问出租车的士哪里?。
               -- Qingwen chuzuchezhan zai nali?
                    Excuse me, where is the taxi stop?

No.124: -- 请问公共汽车站巴士哪里?

               -- Qingwen gonggongqiche zhan zai nali?
                    Excuse me, where is the bus stop?

No.125: -- 请问地铁哪里
               -- Qingwen ditie zhan zai na?
                    Excuse me, where is the subway station?


Please click on any Chinese characters that you need help with to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation and meaning and then read it after me.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please write to , or, You are also welcome to publish your opinions in Forum For Friends. :-)   

Written and Recorded On Sun, April 16, 2006