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Chinese in Daily Life-0018(Sentence: 108--113):How to Call One's Relatives 02:"Aunt"
-- Chinese Language Customs 03



Hi friends, last weekend we learned the words for the different relatives that in English are called Uncle. I would now like to how to express the different meanings of the word Aunt in the Chinese official language, Mandarin.


No. 108: -- ӢУ"aunt" ˼ùĸ/ĸ/ĸ/ ĸ/
                 -- "Aunt" means sister of one's father or mother and wife of one's uncle in English.

No. 109: -- УΪùĸ
                 -- The sister of one's father is called "gu","gugu","gumu" or "guma" in Chinese.
No. 110: -- ĸΪĸ
                 -- The sister of one's mother is called "yi","ayi","yimu" or "yima".

No.111: -- ܵΪĸ
                 -- The wife of father's younger brother is called "shen", "shenzi", "shenmu" or "shenshen".
No.112:   -- Ϊĸ
                 -- The wife of father's elder brother is called "bomu"or "boniang".         

No.113:   -- ĸֵΪĸ
                  -- the wife of mothers brother is called "jiumu" or "jiuma".


Please click on any Chinese character that you need help with to see its Chinese pinyin, pronunciation and meaning and then read it after me.

Chinese Language Customs 03:

In English, the word aunt can refer to many different relatives -- the sister of one's father or mother, or the wife of one's uncle. In Chinese, these relatives can not all be referred to with the same word, each one has its own words:   

1. the sister of one's mother: yi, ayi, yimu and yima

2. the sister of one's father: gu, gugu, gumu and guma

3. the wife of one's uncle (father's elder brother): bomu, boniang

4. the wife of one's uncle (father's younger brother):shen, shenzi shenmu and shenshen

That's all for today's daily Chinese, hope it is a little help to you in your Chinese learning. :-)

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Written and Recorded On Sat, March 25, 2006