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Chinese in Current Affairs--0012(Sentenc: 033-035): How to Say "Foreign Bank In China -- Airbus -- N.Y.C.Snow"



Hi, friends, today I would like to present you with three new sentences and hope they are helpful to you in learning Chinese. :-)

Note: Please click on any Chinese word to see its Chinese pinyin, meaning and pronunciation

No.033: 中国向外国银行更宽地敞开大门
China opens door wider to foreign banks.--Reuters

New Words:


Chinese Pronunciation:
Zhōngguó xiàng wàiguó yínháng gèngkuādi chǎngkāi dàmén.

No.034: 中国拟引进一条“空中巴士”装配线
China aims to introduce an assembly line from Airbus--Poeple's Daily

New Words:


Chinese Pronunciation:

Zhōngguó nǐ yǐnjìn yītiáo "kōngzhōngbāshì" zhuǎngpèixiàn.

No.035: 纽约市今日降雪可能深达六英寸
New York City May Get Up to 6 Inches of Snow Today --Bloomberg

New Words:


Chinese Pronunciation:

Niǔyuē shì jīnrì jiàngxuě kěnéng shēndá liù yīngcùn.

That's all for today, hope it is helpful.

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Written, Edited and Recorded On Fri, Dec 9, 2005