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Chinese in Current Affairs--0011(Sentence:030-032):"How to say "ECB Rises Rate -- China Textiles In EU -- Tibetan Language Mobile Phone"



Hi, friends, today one of my dreams to be true on this page -- you can check the new words on the web site in a new window. I mean that when your mouse touches the new words that I have explained for you, then, you can find their Chinese word classes, pronunciations -- Chinese Pinyin and their meaning in Chinese. You can read them follow me and find the formal signs of the tones as well.

I do appreciate the great support of my technology supporter’s. I would like to thank Mr. Thomas Michalski (U.S.A.) offers his wonderful photography works for this page as well.

I really hope the new effort is helpful to your Chinese learning. :-)

Note: Please hit any Chinese word to see its Chinese pinyin, meaning and pronunciation

NO.30:   欧洲中央银行星期四开始五年来首次升息   LISTEN TO-TEXT
The European Central Bank on Thursday lifted interest rates for the first time in five years.--The Financial Times
New Words:   欧洲欧洲的)、中央中央的)、银行星期四、(开始)、五年来)、首次升息
Pronunciation:   ōuzhōu zhōngyāng yínháng xīngqīsì   kāishǐ wǔniánlá shǒucì shēngxī

NO.31:   中国对欧盟的纺织品出口上升百分之四十。   LISTEN TO-TEXT
China textiles exports to EU rose 40 per cent.--The Financial Times
New Words:   中国欧盟纺织品出口上升百分之四十
Pronunciation:   Zhōngguó duì ōuméng de fǎngzhīpǐng chūkǒ shàngshēng。

NO.32:   西藏语移动电话正式投入使用   LISTEN TO-TEXT
Mobile phone in Tibetan language formally put in use.
--People's Daily)
New Words:   西藏语移动电话正式投入使用
Pronunciation:   Xīzhàngyǔ yídòngdiànhuà zhèngshì tóurù shǐyòng.

That is all for today. Hope it is helpful.

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to , or, You are welcomed.

Written On Tue, Nov 28, 2005
Edited and Recorded On Sat, Dec 3, 2005