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Chinese in Current Affairs 0010: How to Say "Second Trade Country -- US President Rode Bicycle In Beijing -- Emmy Rewards"







Hi, friends, to accept the lesson that I worked for 18 hours last Saturday and burnt out myself. So, today, I would like to work on the daily Chinese earlier on Friday night and I really hope it can help you to improve your Chinese level... :-)


China will be the second largest trading country in the wrold in 2008.

China Daily

New Words:

中国:zhong1 guo2 -- China
:jiang -- will
:yu2 -- in
2008:liang3 ling2 long2 ba1
成为:cheng2 wei2 -- become
世界:shi1 jie4 -- world
第二:di4 er2 --second
:da4 -- big
贸易:mao4 yi4 -- trade
:guo2 -- country

Chinese Pronunciation
Zhong1 guo2 jiang1 yu2 liang3 ling2 ling2 ba1 nian2 chen2 wei2 shi4 ji4 di4 er4 da4 mao4 yi4 guo2.

No. 28 -- LISTEN-TEXT:


US president rode bicycle in the western suburb of Beijing

People's Daily

New Words:

美国: mei3 guo2 -- The U.S.
总统:zong3 tong3 -- president
:zai4 --in
北京:beijing1 -- Beijing
西郊:xi1 jiao1 --western suburb
西:xi1 -- west, western
jiao1 -- suburb
:qi2 -- rise
自行车:zi4 xing2 che1 -- bicycle

Chinese Pronunciation

Mei3 guo1 zong3 tong3 zai4 bei3 jingg1 xi1 jiao1 qi2 zi4 xing2 che1。



TV programs from Denmark, Canada and Britain won the International Emmy Awards


New Words:

来自:lai2 zi4 --from
丹麦:Dan1 Mai4 -- Denmark
加拿大:Jia1 Da2 Da4 -- Canada
:he2 -- and
英国: Ying1 Guo2 -- Britain
:de -- of, 's
电视:dian4 shi4 -- TV, television
节目:jie2 mo -- program
国际: guo2 ji4 -- international
艾美奖:ai4 mei3 jiang3 -- Emmy Awards

Chinese Pronunciation :
lai2 zi4 dan1 mai4、jia1 na2 da44 he2 ying1 guo2 de dian4 shi4 jie2 mu4 ying2 de2 Ai1 Mei3 Jiang3。

That is all for today. Hope it is helpful.

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to , or, You are welcomed.

Written On Thue, Nov 22, 2005
Edited and Recorded On Fri, Nov 25, 2005